Oxford has introduced a powered adaptive positioning cradle to provide safer moving and handling in the extended care market.

The cradle can be retro-fitted to both Stature and Presence hoists with no special tools in less than five minutes and is independently powered by a lightweight, easily-replaced battery. Being retrofitable, this also enables a purchaser with the option to upgrade their existing fleet of lifts. This new accessory, which has a 227kgs (35 stone) safe working load:

  • Allows the caregiver to lower and position the resident independently for optimum recline and comfort
  • Reduces the potential for repositioning injuries since the requirement for manual repositioning of the patient is greatly reduced

The product development engineers at Joerns have also integrated a convenient, water resistant control panel into the handle of the cradle. This ensures ultimate comfort for the care-giver when positioning the client. Other outstanding features of the design include:

  • Superior battery technology that delivers outstanding lift capacity
  • A self-contained control and power supply that conserves the lifts main power
  • A compact and extremely low noise actuator that ensures quiet and smooth operation, provides greater space for the client and allows the caregiver to remain closer to the resident throughout the transfer

For more information on the powered positioning cradle, please visit our Accessories section.