Quickfit Glide


The Oxford® Quickfit Glide is an easy to fit, general-purpose sling with divided leg sections, suitable for the majority of patients. Integrated low-friction rip-stop nylon to the spine and leg sections, ensures easy application and helps to reduce the risks associated with tissue viability.

  • Colour coded binding indicates sling size
  • Positioning handles allow easy patient repositioning
  • Modesty loops promote correct/safe positioning
  • Coloured attachment loops promote correct/safe positioning
  • Can be customised to fulfil patient specific needs

Material Options:

See Sling Material Swatches in the 'Downloads' section

For further guidance on sling selection, why not try the Oxford Sling Selector Tool!

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Sling Guide
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Important Sling Safety Checks
Sling Material Swatches


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