Oxford launches its newly developed 3 day training course “Voyager Overhead Surveying, Installation & Servicing – Advanced Level”

This newly developed course provides comprehensive instruction on surveying, installation and servicing techniques for Oxford’s ‘Voyager’ range of overhead hoists and track. This course has been designed specifically to ensure all participants improve their overall product awareness and their technical capability with regards to surveying and installation of Voyager track systems.

Key features of this course include detailed instruction on:

  • Voyager track components and how and when they should be used
  • Surveying & assessment techniques
  • Installation techniques including fixing methods
  • Intensive practical group work on drawings, installation & assembly techniques
  • Servicing and troubleshooting

This course is ideally suited to both new and experienced engineers plus anyone involved with the assessment or surveying for Voyager overhead track systems.

Should you require further information on this course, please visit our Education section.