A Night Under the Stars

In May this year, the Diglis House Hotel in Worcester celebrated 25 years of ownership and chose to support a local Worcester homeless charity, Maggs, to mark the occasion.

On Sunday 19th May, a minimum of 25 hotel staff slept under the stars looking to raise £2,500 for the much needed local centre for Worcester’s homeless.

Maggs was founded in 1984 after a homeless man died after years of sleeping rough on the streets of Worcester. This led to a day centre being created in the former St Albans Church, dedicated to helping the homeless people of Worcester. It opened in 1985, and today is a daily refuge for local homeless people.

As a commercial partner with the Diglis House Hotel, Joerns donated £100 to the cause which helped culminate in a final and impressive total of £3,668 – surpassing the target by quite some way!