Acorns Children’s Hospice: Supporting The Local Community

Summary. Joerns Healthcare partners with UK’s largest children’s hospice charity, Acorns, providing essential support through equipment donations, manual handling training, and fundraising initiatives like the annual Christmas raffle and 3 Peaks Challenge. Their collaboration enhances care for families facing life-limiting conditions, reflecting a shared commitment to community welfare.


Joerns Healthcare is one of the world’s leading providers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. Our expertise and commitment to supporting patients and caregivers, has meant we’ve established an enviable reputation for moving and lifting solutions.

Working alongside hospitals, care homes, and other care settings, we like to give back in other ways too. Over the years we are proud to have supported the local community through a variety of fundraising activities, equipment loans and donations. We are dedicated to bettering the lives of those who require care.

Official Partners Of Acorns Children’s Hospice

Established in 1988, Acorns is the UK’s largest children’s hospice charity. A parent never imagines their child will be diagnosed with a life limiting or life threatening condition, but when the unimaginable happens, Acorns steps in. They help families cope at every stage of their child’s life and beyond, wherever and whenever they need it.

Each child’s care is tailored around the needs of the individual and their family. The care given goes above and beyond the call of duty. For instance, it may include short breaks, favourite meals, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and sensory stimulation as well as emergency, and end of life care. No stone is left unturned in terms of what is possible and beneficial to each child.

It was back in July 2011 when Joerns Healthcare proudly signed a partnership agreement to support Acorns. So, we continue to do so today. The partnership carries many synergies between both organisations and we are proud to support not only a local charity, but one that believes in the provision of dedicated and unrivalled care for those who need it.

At the time of writing this, the Acorns Charity is supporting 733 children and 945 families via their three hospices in the Black Country (Walsall), Three Counties (Worcester) and Birmingham.

There are many ways Joerns supports Acorns, including:

  • Donating patient handling equipment for use in their hospices
  • Providing manual handling training to their care teams
  • Fundraising activities to help raise vital funds to keep the hospices running

We are honoured to be the first healthcare related partner of Acorns and we take pride in bringing our knowledge, expertise and commitment to support this wonderful organisation.

It costs around £7,000 per day to keep a single hospice running and the full service Acorns provides demands in the region of £10m per year to fund. Approximately 35% comes from NHS, CCG and Commissioning groups with the remaining 65% directly from fund-raising initiatives.

Joerns Healthcare and its staff endeavour to take on initiatives throughout the year, some very much planned like the 3 Peaks Challenge in 2021 and others very much impromptu such as a Cadbury Creme Egg eating contest, guess the name of the teddy bear and bake offs! Our seamstresses in production even run a staff tuck shop of which all profits go directly to Acorns.

Annual Christmas Raffle

Joerns’ annual Christmas raffle is an event that takes place every December to help raise money for Acorns. Our staff and suppliers always give generously which results in a wealth of donated gifts and prizes for the event. Ticket sales are quick to soar too, and we are able to raise a healthy sum of money for Acorns. The Christmas raffle began as a one-off event. But it immediately became locked in tradition. We are delighted to have raised thousands of pounds from this event over the years.

3 Peaks Challenge

In September 2021, a group of Joerns employees bravely embarked on the UK 3 Peaks Challenge to raise further money for Acorns Charity. The team underwent a number of practice sessions in the months ahead of the challenge. Therefore, ensuring all the necessary level of fitness. After that, the team completed the challenge over one weekend. Taking on Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell (England), and Snowdon (Wales). They not only climbed some serious peaks, but also raised a sizeable amount of money. Consequently, surpassing their fundraising target and collecting over £5,000 in donations.

With such high costs to deliver its exceptional care services, generous donations from the community are heavily relied upon. We are so proud to be partners with this fantastic charity. Additionally, we are committed to continue fundraising and supporting with vital equipment moving forward.

For more information about our partnership, visit our website. Alternatively, you can call 0344 811 1158 to speak to a member of our team.

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