Using Patient Handling Equipment in Acute Care Facilities

Summary. Joerns Healthcare delivers versatile acute care hospital solutions, enhancing patient care and caregiver safety. Offering a range of patient care equipment like hoists, slings, and active stand aids, we facilitate seamless patient transfers, catering to diverse mobility needs in acute care settings. With over 65 years in the field, their equipment significantly elevates the standard of acute care.


Joerns Healthcare is a highly experienced provider of patient handling equipment such as lifts and slings. We have been specialists in these solutions for more than 65 years, working with a range of different healthcare organisations and professionals. Moreover, we deliver equipment that truly betters the care of patients and helps protect the health of caregivers. Joerns Healthcare can support care organisations across a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, from domiciliary through to acute care.

What Is Acute Care?

Acute care describes the level of healthcare whereby a patient requires urgent treatment. Generally speaking, it covers short-term treatment and rehabilitation for injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, and infectious diseases. Patients often arrive at acute care via an ambulance, ambulatory surgery, through A&E, or an urgent care centre.

Whilst a stay in hospital might be necessary, acute care is considered short term. The aim is to discharge patients as soon as they have been treated and assessed as being sufficiently healthy, mobile and independent to return to their own home or to a residential care facility.

Acute Care Hospital Solutions

With acute care being necessary for a wealth of different patients with injuries, ailments and rehabilitation needs, equipment within this care setting needs to be incredibly versatile.

Examples of equipment for an acute care facility include:

  • Hoists and slings
  • Stand assist devices
  • Patient turners
  • Patient slide sheets
  • Beds and support surfaces

When it comes to acute care hospital solutions, Joerns offer a wide variety of hoists. They are specially designed to assist caregivers in lifting, transferring and repositioning patients.

Patient handling equipment is designed to help caregivers move patients with reduced or limited mobility, from one place to another. They help facilitate safer, more comfortable transfers. In addition, they protect hospital staff from causing injury to themselves through poor or ill-advised manual handling techniques. Active stand-aids and passive mobile lifts are two of the more common types of acute care solutions that we provide here at Joerns Healthcare.

Active Stand Aids

An active stand aid is a type of lifting device used to assist patients in getting from a seating position to standing. These products are usually prescribed for use by those with reduced mobility levels but with some ability to contribute effort to the process.

Some examples of active stand aids include:

Oxford Ascend

The Oxford Ascend is a heavy duty electrically operated stand aid with a safe working load of 200kg/31st. It has a relatively small footprint given its lifting capability. Additionally, it incorporates electric leg opening for effortless manoeuvring around bulky furniture and closer access to the patient. Integrated lift counter, service prompts and overload protection helps ensure the Oxford Ascend remains in tip-top condition for longer.

Oxford Up

The Oxford Up is suitable for those who need assistance when standing but can contribute effort towards the process. With contoured swing-away seat pads that provide a means for a seated transfer, demanding less. This stand assist solution can play a fundamental role in transferring patients in acute care settings and can also play a role in patient rehabilitation.

Passive Lifts

Oxford Advance

The Oxford Advance is a versatile patient lift that simplifies the transfer process whether it be from a wheelchair, chair, bed, bath, or from the floor. Its swan-neck leg design enables the device to get close to obstacles, particularly useful when hoisting from wheelchairs or bulky chairs. The Oxford Advance lift can be compactly folded away too, making it suitable for acute care rooms where space may be limited.

Oxford Presence

The Oxford Presence is a heavy-duty ward hoist, with a safe working load of 227kg/35st. With this in mind, it is strong enough to handle the majority of patient-handling tasks with relative ease. Its impressive lifting range ensures it can accommodate even the most critical of patient transfers – including from the floor to high-level surfaces, making it one of the most reliable and versatile hoists to have on an acute ward.

Hoists and Slings For Acute Care

Joerns Healthcare’s solutions enable people with mobility restrictions to be transferred easily and safely in acute care environments. If you would like to find out about our acute care equipment for your patients, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0344 811 1158 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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