Bath Hoists: Oxford Mermaid

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, the home of Oxford Hoist is a leading supplier of patient handling equipment. Our lifting and rehabilitation solutions are designed off the back of decades, of experience and expertise. Therefore, they can improve the lives of both patients and their caregivers. Used worldwide in domestic, professional, and residential care settings, we are proud to have a wide range of patient lifting solutions. This includes our bath hoists (manual and electric lifts available).

Who Can Use A Bath Hoist? 

As people become older and/or less mobile, it can become more of a challenge to go about everyday life. Often the things we take for granted become more difficult to achieve. But, a hot bath is something that many of us enjoy. Alongside the relaxation benefits it can bring, hot baths have also been proven to help ease general aches, pains, and uncomfortableness. However, for those with limited mobility, some may find it difficult getting in and out of the bath. Therefore, a bath hoist can be a great assistive solution, helping to restore some of that lost independence.

Mermaid Bath Hoist 

Here at Joerns Healthcare, we are the proud manufacturer and supplier of the Oxford Mermaid bath hoist. It is a tried, tested, and trusted solution that has been on the market for over three decades. The Mermaid is a floor fixed bath hoist. In addition, it has a choice of side or end installation options, to suit individual room configurations.

So, what does the bath hoist do? Essentially, the core purpose of a bath side hoist is to enable people with reduced mobility to transfer in and out of the bath in a safe, comfortable manner. The Mermaid bath hoist is available in both electric and mechanical models. Additionally, users can choose to use it in either its fixed seat version, or alongside the Ranger Transporter system, a wheeled shower chair with detachable seat.

How Can It Help?

In cases of significant mobility challenges, it is likely there will be a requirement of a bath lift or hoist, or at least some form of assistive equipment. In wet environments, there are often hard floors and furniture items that, coupled with a heightened risk of slipping, could potentially lead to falls and serious injury. Consequently, using a bath hoist makes the bathing process as practicably safe as possible.

The Oxford Mermaid bath lift will fully raise the client up, out and over the edge of a bath. It will also lower the user gently and safely into the water in a comfortable manner. Being floor mounted, the Mermaid bath hoist is highly secure, and comes with fittings for both wooden and concrete floors. It is sturdy, powerful, and incredibly safe. Furthermore, the bath lift is available in either a manual model with a wind-up handle, or an electrically operated model that minimises away the manual effort. If opting for the latter, the lift is powered via a rechargeable and detachable battery pack.

Enhancing Comfort & Confidence

The Mermaid hoist’s choice of moulded seat options lock automatically into place during the transfer process. This is in order to enhance the user’s comfort and confidence in the bath lift. It is also equipped with a lap strap for additional security during use. Further safety features include an emergency stop button and an emergency raise function for use in the unlikely event of an urgent situation transpiring.

With the Mermaid bath lift, those with reduced mobility can continue to enjoy the warmth and relaxation that a hot bath brings. Like all lifting solutions from Joerns Healthcare, the Mermaid bath hoist ensures that regardless of disability or mobility, there are means for people to live more full and independent lives in their own homes.

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