Oxford Bath Lifts: A Solution for the Elderly and Those with Limited Mobility

Summary. Bath lifts provide notable benefits for the elderly, tackling mobility challenges that arise with age. By ensuring a safe, comfortable bathing experience, bath lifts like those from Joerns Healthcare, promote independence among the elderly. The ease-of-use and home adaptability of these bath lifts further contribute to their advantages, making daily bathing a less daunting task for the elderly.


As we age, mobility issues can arise, making everyday activities like bathing more challenging. Bathing hoists or bath lifts can offer a solution to this problem, providing many benefits such as a safe and comfortable means for the elderly and other loved ones to bathe.

Joerns Healthcare is a leading supplier of patient lifting and handling equipment, including a range of bathing lifts. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of having a bath lift for a loved one. With a range of bathing solutions including the Oxford Mermaid bath hoist, and Oxford Ranger Transporter chair, we can support and guide you in finding a suitable solution.

Improving Safety

One of the primary benefits of a bath lift for the elderly or those with health conditions or impairments, is improved safety. Traditional bathtubs and showers can be hazardous for those with mobility issues, increasing the risk of slips, falls and injuries. Therefore, bathing lifts eliminate the need for loved ones to step over the edge of the tub or shower, reducing the associated risks.

Oxford Mermaid

The Oxford Mermaid is a longstanding, tried and tested example of a bath hoist, providing a smooth and stable transfer in and out of the tub.

The Mermaid bath hoist also harbours an array of safety features to further protect the user from harm. These include:

  • seat locking system,
  • safety arms,
  • emergency stop and raise (electric variants)
  • and lap strap or safety harness option.

Increased Independence

A further benefit of bath lifts is the offer of increased independence. Many loved ones may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about needing assistance with bathing duties. So, a shower lift chair or bath lift can allow them to bathe more independently, without the need for reliance on a caregiver, family member or friend.

Increasing the Experience

The Oxford Mermaid is an excellent option for those who prefer a more traditional bathing experience. It provides an easy-to-use and comfortable lifting and transfer system.

Easy to Use

Bathing hoists for the elderly or less able can be intimidating, but many lifts are designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

The Oxford Mermaid is an excellent example of this, providing a simple and intuitive bathing solution that can be easily operated by both loved ones and caregivers alike. Because the Mermaid is floor fixed, there is no need to continuously install and remove the lift when needed; it is always ready for use.

Furthermore, electric models have a convenient wired handset to avoid accidental misplacement. As a result, ensuring all controls are quickly accessible when needed. Manual variants are operated by a winding handle situated on top of the lifting column.

Bath Lifts For Home Use

Bathing hoists are not just suitable for hospitals and other care facilities. They are also suitable for home use, consequently allowing loved ones to bathe in the comfort of their own home.

Floor Fixing Options

The Mermaid is a floor fixed bath hoist that has a choice of floor fixing options for wooden or concrete floors. Additionally, it has a choice of installation positions (side or end fit). So, no matter the room configuration, the Mermaid can be adapted for optimal performance and use.

Customisable Options

Every individual has unique needs. To match those needs, you can customise the Mermaid bath lift when ordering. It has an electric and manual powered variants and a choice of seating options that can be tailored to suit. This includes standard, commode and Ranger shower chair.

Ranger Bath Chair

The Ranger chair is made in two assemblies, a wheeled base and the seat with armrests. The two assemblies of the complete chair are connected with a simple latch located at the rear of the seat. The seat can then be quickly attached to the Mermaid for onward transfer into a bathtub.

Moreover, the main benefit of the Ranger Transporter is that the user can be conveniently wheeled out of the bathroom to an alternate location. The handy commode seat option enables the user to be manoeuvred over a toilet. A commode pan can also be included for added convenience.

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A bath lift can provide numerous benefits for the elderly and other loved ones with mobility issues. As mentioned above, this includes improved safety, increased independence, and an overall better quality of life. Joerns Healthcare is a leading supplier of bathing lifts, such as the Oxford Dipper pool hoist, Oxford Mermaid, and Oxford Ranger Transporter shower chair.

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