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Joerns donate laser machine

Joerns Donate Laser Machine To Help NHS

Summary. Joerns donated a laser cutting machine to Millennium Laser to support the production of face visors for the NHS. Millennium Laser aims to create over 12,000 visors, greatly aided by the provided machine.   During the current pandemic, face visors have become a much needed source of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These visors serve […]

Audit pass for Joerns

Audit Pass For Joerns

Summary. Joerns recently achieved an audit pass from Bureau Veritas, confirming their adherence to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and DS EN ISO 13485:2016. This showcases their commitment to maintaining quality systems and providing customers with robust, quality products and services.   Joerns have very recently and successfully passed two independent audits conducted throughout August by […]

Joerns - Patient Handling Equipment Supplier - donate office furniture

Joerns Donate Office Furniture To Charity

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, a premier patient handling equipment supplier, is refurbishing their office for safety amidst the pandemic. They’ve generously donated old furniture to charities like Wild Goose Rural Training and Acorns Children’s Hospice, supporting community well-being.   Joerns Healthcare are leading supplier of patient handling equipment. We strive to put the well-being of our […]

Joerns Healthcare proud to support the NHS during coronavirus pandemic

Joerns Proud To Support The NHS During Coronavirus Pandemic

Summary. Joerns actively assists NHS Trusts and community facilities, providing crucial equipment and support amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The company notably contributes through significant product provisions, voluntary delivery assistance by sales members, and offering remote training to accommodate new care volunteers.   Over the last few weeks, Joerns have been called upon by a number […]

overhead hoist system - Acorns Children's Hospice logo - patient handling equipment support

New Overhead Hoist for Acorns!

Summary. The installation of a new overhead hoist system at Acorns Children’s Hospice, Walsall, enhances care flexibility despite room shape challenges. Joerns, collaborating with TPG Disable Aids, navigated architectural quirks to optimise patient transfer, reaffirming their commitment to supporting vital hospice care.   In keeping with our partnership commitments with Acorns Children’s Hospice and following […]

Copyright Policy - Joerns Healthcare logo

Oxford Sling Selector Upgrade

Joerns Healthcare’s Oxford Sling Selector has been upgraded to a more modern platform. We’re pleased to say the new version provides a more concise and straight-forward flow in order to arrive at a sling choice. With just 4 guided steps, finding a sling to match your patient’s requirements can be achieved in a matter of […]

Joerns expands its Oxford Professional Product series

Joerns Expands Its Professional Product Series!

Summary. Joerns Healthcare introduces two innovative additions to the Oxford product series. The Oxford Switch and the Oxford Up enhance patient transfers and standing assistance while prioritising rehabilitation and user participation in the care process. Explore more in their Resource Centre.   2019 has seen Joerns Healthcare add two new products to its Oxford Professional […]

Oxford Switch

New Product Launch: The Oxford Switch

Summary. Joerns Healthcare announces the official Oxford Switch launch, now available to order, bolstering their product range with this eagerly anticipated addition. Detailed information and supporting documents are accessible online, and a launch offer is available for initial orders.   You may well have heard over the last few weeks, of an impending product launch for […]

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