Level 3 Award for Safe People Handling & Risk Assessment Trainers

This moving and handling training course will develop the understanding of principles and practice that underpin the safe movement of people/patients and risk assessment in care and nursing home environments. This is alongside health and safety, welfare, human rights legislative requirements and best practice. The course will facilitate knowledge of how to train others with the safe movement of people. Successful candidates can then proceed to train their respective employees/colleagues.

This course is for at new and experienced employees working in the care and nursing home sectors. This could include occupational therapists, moving and handling trainers, sales staff. In addition, anyone else who might benefit from a heightened understanding of safe people handling.

Moving And Handling Training

Moving and handling training is extremely important for carers who are assisting in moving and transferring patients or residents with reduced or limited mobility. Manual handling is frequently conducted with the assistance of specialised equipment, therefore specialised training is imperative. This equipment might include lifts or hoists, stand-assist devices, slide sheets and slings. As well as, profiling beds, mattresses and riser recliner chairs. The fundamental aim of training is to protect the patient’s and caregiver’s health and safety through the employment of and adherence to correct and clinically proven guidance. Patients and/or caregivers can suffer varying degrees of injury if this guidance is not continually followed.

Moving and handling training is also necessary for the purposes of insurance. Additionally, ensuring that industry compliance standards and laws are met. Evidence of a caregiver’s ability to competently perform and help with patient handling responsibilities is critical for building and maintaining a safe environment.

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