Professional utilising Oxford Sling for efficient patient transfer.

Oxford Slings: Uplifting Patient Care Standards

In healthcare settings, the act of transferring or lifting patients is not only frequent but also fraught with challenges. Here, Oxford slings lend a hand, offering compelling and far-reaching solutions that address many of these concerns. This Oxford sling review delves a little deeper into Oxford’s extensive range of patient slings, and how they can […]

Patient transfer challenges

The Oxford Midi: Addressing Patient Transfer Challenges Head-On

For anyone in the healthcare field, patient comfort and safety are of utmost importance. The Oxford Midi is a beacon of excellence in this domain, offering a solution that tackles the many challenges of patient transfer. Let’s look into how the Oxford Midi is leading the narrative. Navigating Patient Transfer Challenges Patient transfers may appear […]

Advanced patient care - Oxford Journey benefits

The Oxford Journey Lift: Navigating the Path to Advanced Patient Care

Healthcare professionals crucially balance the task of patient lifting and transferring between compassion and efficiency. The Oxford Journey Professional lift exemplifies advanced patient care, integrating innovation with practical application. This lift not only enhances safety protocols but also ensures efficient patient transfer, addressing the unique needs of each patient with its adaptable design. Discover the […]

Oxford Advance Lift - the epitome of advanced patient care.

Integrating the Oxford Advance Lift: Uplifting Care Standards

The healthcare sector faces challenges in delivering exceptional care, balancing technology with the human touch. The Oxford Advance Professional lift serves as a vital tool, adeptly addressing primary lifting and handling concerns with finesse. Elevating patient care, this lift integrates robust safety protocols to ensure efficient and compassionate patient handling, meeting diverse care needs effectively. […]

in-situ sling supplier

What Is An In-Situ Sling: A Greater Understanding

Summary. Oxford and Joerns Healthcare, as an in-situ sling supplier, showcases in-situ slings designed for extended wear under patients post-transfer, enhancing comfort and pressure relief. Crafted mainly from 3D warp-knitted polyester spacer, these slings offer resilience, air permeability, and are available in various sizes. Contact Joerns Healthcare for a diverse range of patient slings, including […]

Explore the Benefits of Bath Lifts for the Elderly & Limited Mobility

Oxford Bath Lifts: A Solution for the Elderly and Those with Limited Mobility

Summary. Bath lifts provide notable benefits for the elderly, tackling mobility challenges that arise with age. By ensuring a safe, comfortable bathing experience, bath lifts like those from Joerns Healthcare, promote independence among the elderly. The ease-of-use and home adaptability of these bath lifts further contribute to their advantages, making daily bathing a less daunting […]

Ceiling Mounted Patient Lift Systems for a Range of Environments

Ceiling Mounted Patient Lift Systems: Why They’re Important for a Range of Environments

Summary. Ceiling mounted patient lift systems from Joerns Healthcare significantly aid patient transfer, optimising safety and comfort for both patients and caregivers. These lifts, easily integrated in various healthcare settings, offer space efficiency, hygiene, and versatile usage, catering to diverse patient mobility needs. For long-term patient handling solutions, investing in Joerns Healthcare’s ceiling mounted patient […]

Using Patient Handling Equipment in Acute Care Hospital Solutions

Using Patient Handling Equipment in Acute Care Facilities

Summary. Joerns Healthcare delivers versatile acute care hospital solutions, enhancing patient care and caregiver safety. Offering a range of patient care equipment like hoists, slings, and active stand aids, we facilitate seamless patient transfers, catering to diverse mobility needs in acute care settings. With over 65 years in the field, their equipment significantly elevates the […]

New Hoist for Sale Vs Used Mobility Hoists - Joerns Healthcare

New Vs Used: Why You Should Invest In New Patient Handling Equipment

Summary. Explore used mobility hoist for sale options or new hoists for sale at Joerns Healthcare, ensuring safety and quality in patient handling. With a range of hoists catering to various care needs, we provide professional advice to assist in finding the perfect fit for individual requirements, promoting both patient and caregiver safety.   Joerns […]

How to Use An Oxford Hoist: Safety Precautions

Using An Oxford Hoist: Safety Precautions

Summary. Learn how to use a hoist safely with Joerns Healthcare’s insightful guidance, ensuring both caregiver and patient safety during transfers. This resource provides step-by-step instructions on using a hoist, highlighting the importance of correct equipment choice, pre-use checks, and routine maintenance. Your safety is paramount, hence understanding the safe working load and ensuring a […]

Hoisting At Home: Domiciliary Care Equipment To Choose From

Hoisting At Home: The Options To Choose From

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, a leader in patient handling and rehabilitation equipment, provides high-quality domiciliary care equipment, including hoists for home use. We support individuals with mobility restrictions, ensuring independence and improving caregivers’ safety. Our range of equipment, such as the Oxford Classic and Professional lifts, offers safe and compact solutions for home care. Joerns Healthcare’s […]

oxford hoist history

Oxford Hoist: A Rich History

Summary. Oxford Hoist, with roots dating to the 1950s, has become a global healthcare brand. Originating from Headington Hill Hall, it was commercialised in 1955. The brand grew and transitioned through acquisitions by Parker Bath and Sunrise Medical before finding its home with Joerns Healthcare. Now, Oxford offers versatile patient lifting solutions.   Behind the […]