Level 3 Moving & Handling Training For Carers - Joerns Healthcare - manual handling

Choosing Joerns For Your Level 3 Moving & Handling Training

Summary. Joerns Healthcare offers Level 3 Moving and Handling training for carers, enhancing their skills in patient handling and rehabilitation. The course, tailored for those aiding individuals with restricted mobility, covers safe equipment usage and practical moving techniques. By completing this training, carers and facilities improve safety and compliance, ensuring effective patient handling.   Joerns […]

oxford major 200 - Joerns Products

Versatile Lifting Solutions | Oxford Major 200

Summary. We showcase the Oxford Major 200 hoist, exemplifying versatility in patient lifting for nursing and acute care settings. The hoist, part of a broader range of Joerns products, supports a 200kg lifting capacity, ensuring safety and adaptability in different care environments. With ergonomic design and safety features, it encapsulates Joerns’ commitment to enhancing patient […]

residential care equipment - oxford advance hoist

Oxford Advance | Reaping The Benefits Of A Mobile Hoist

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, the home of Oxford Hoist, showcases the Oxford Advance Hoist – a versatile, space-saving mobile lift ideal for tight spaces in residential care equipment settings. Designed for various patient transfers, from bed to chair or floor to bed, this compact hoist is both functional and foldable. Dive into Joerns’ range for the […]

Switch Standing Transfer Aid

Active Stand Assist Solution | The Oxford Switch

Summary. Joerns Healthcare is a world leading supplier of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment, including our Switch, a standing transfer aid. We have spent decades designing solutions that truly enhance quality of life. As a result, we’ve earned an enviable reputation for high quality equipment that supports the rehabilitation and re-mobilisation of patients.   The […]

type of Hoist- ceiling hoist vs mobile hoist

Choosing A Fixed Ceiling Lift Over A Mobile Floor Lift

Summary. Deciding between ceiling hoist vs mobile hoist for patient care? Joerns Healthcare breaks down the benefits and challenges of each. Ceiling hoists offer ease of movement and efficient transfers, solving storage and space issues. Mobile hoists have their merits, but consider factors like carpet type. Explore various types of hoist for patients with Joerns […]

Voyager Portable overhead Lift

Portable Overhead Lifting Solutions: Oxford Voyager Portable & Easytrack

Summary. Joerns Healthcare introduces the Voyager Portable Overhead Hoist, a lightweight yet robust solution that pairs seamlessly with the Oxford Easytrack systems. These overhead hoist track systems provide versatile mobility solutions suitable for various settings. For the ultimate in portable overhead hoist technology, the Voyager Portable is your top pick!   Joerns Healthcare is one […]

mermaid bath hoist - manual & electric bath lift

Bath Hoists: Oxford Mermaid

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, the home of Oxford Hoist is a leading supplier of patient handling equipment. Our lifting and rehabilitation solutions are designed off the back of decades, of experience and expertise. Therefore, they can improve the lives of both patients and their caregivers. Used worldwide in domestic, professional, and residential care settings, we are proud […]

patient handling equipment suppliers

Supportive Equipment for Lifts: Oxford Canvas Stretcher & Adjustment Cradle

Summary. Joerns Healthcare are leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. With decades of experience under our belts, we commit ourselves to provide the highest quality equipment. Enhancing the safety and wellbeing of patients, as well as the caregivers who use our equipment. The home of the original Oxford Hoist, we purposely design our […]

Smart Monitor control system - diagnostic system for oxford lift

Oxford Smart Monitor: The Smart Choice

Summary. Joerns Healthcare enhances patient hoist longevity with the Oxford Smart Monitor control system. This unique diagnostic system for Oxford lift precisely records lift cycles, ensuring cost-effective and safe usage. Interested in smart monitoring for your lift?   Getting the most from your patient hoist seems like a practical concept; why wouldn’t you want to […]

Disposable Slings for hoists rehabilitation equipment

Disposable Slings | Hygienic Patient Lifting

Summary. Joerns Healthcare offers Disposable Slings for hoists, ensuring patient safety and infection control. Ideal for acute care, these single-use slings support various patient needs. Enhance rehabilitation equipment with Joerns’ ergonomic and comfortable disposable slings. Explore now!     Joerns Healthcare is a world-leading supplier of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. Our company is committed […]


Oxford Classic Mobile Hoists: Safer Care For Residents And Carers

Summary. Joerns Healthcare is one of the leading providers of patient lifting and handling equipment to the care continuum. Oxford classic mobile hoists are invaluable solutions when caring for someone, who does not have the necessary level of mobility and independence.   Some of the key tasks a hoist and sling combination can support with […]


Bariatric Mobile Hoists | The Oxford Calibre Lift

Summary. Joerns Healthcare introduces the Oxford Calibre, a specialised Bariatric Mobile Hoist designed for bariatric patient lift needs. With safety and convenience in mind, the robust Calibre can handle a massive 385kg (850lbs) load. Seeking the ideal bariatric patient lift? Discover the Oxford Calibre today!     The handling of bariatric patients presents a number […]