Hoisting At Home: The Options To Choose From

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, a leader in patient handling and rehabilitation equipment, provides high-quality domiciliary care equipment, including hoists for home use. We support individuals with mobility restrictions, ensuring independence and improving caregivers’ safety. Our range of equipment, such as the Oxford Classic and Professional lifts, offers safe and compact solutions for home care. Joerns Healthcare’s equipment enhances the quality of life for individuals receiving care and provides peace of mind for caregivers and families.


Joerns Healthcare is a specialist provider of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. We support patients and caregivers all over the world, and over the decades have earned ourselves an enviable reputation for high quality and reliable patient lifting solutions. We commit to enhancing users’ lives while ensuring caregivers maintain safety, effectiveness, and efficiency in their roles. With our experience and expertise, we support a range of different care needs, including hoists and other domiciliary care equipment for home environments.

What is home care?

Home care or domiciliary care involves delivering care to a person in the comfort of their own home. In-home care services are often provided to those who are elderly and require assistance in order to live more independently. People also receive them if they could be managing a chronic health issue, recovering from a medical setback, surgery, or have a disability. Home care provision is usually via professional caregivers such as nurses, therapists, carers, or aides, depending on the needs of the person. Family members or close friends may also receive training to fulfill care needs.

Domiciliary Care Equipment

Depending on the individual’s care needs, healthcare professionals often recommend and prescribe domiciliary equipment to support the delivery of safe and effective care at home. At Joerns Healthcare, we have a range of different patient lifting and transfer devices and accessories to help deliver this type of care.

Oxford Classic Lifts

The Oxford Mini and Midi hoists from the Oxford Classic range are ideally suited to home care environments, owing to their compact footprint. Each model has electronic and hydraulically powered variants. Often referred to as mobile hoists, all lifts within the Oxford Classic range cater for a range of moving and handling situations, including:

  • Moving from a bed to a chair
  • Toilet/commode transfers
  • Repositioning a patient

Another core benefit of these lifts is the fact that they are transportable. You can move them from room to room when needed, and (when appropriate) you can use them for onward transportation in vehicles because the mast and boom section are detachable from the base. Oxford Classic lifts are also equipped with a variety of safety features designed to help protect both the user and caregiver at all times.

Oxford Professional Lifts

There are two hoists within the Oxford Professional series that are both suitable for home care environments; the Oxford Advance mobile hoist and the Oxford Journey stand aid.

Both of these products are compact, and each have the added benefit of a no-tools folding design. Therefore, lending themselves to easier storage and transportation, where space may come at a premium. The Oxford Advance and Journey will fit into the boot of most family saloon cars and can be wheeled in their folded position.

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Oxford Bathing Lifts

Lifting and handling a person who requires assistance, into and out of the bath can prove challenging for both the caregiver and the patient. Joerns’ Oxford Mermaid fixed bath lift is designed to fit seamlessly to the side or end of a bath. It enables patients to transfer in and out of the bath, safely and comfortably. Ideal for people with reduced mobility, this hoist has stood the test of time. It enables bathing to take place with the support of a caregiver for assistance.

Available in a choice of manual (hydraulic) and electric models several accessories including lap strap and safety harness can help the patient feel more supported and safe. Electric models have an emergency stop and raise feature in the event of an emergency situation. Also, an electric retro-fit kit is available to convert manual models if required.

The Mermaid also benefits from a choice of seating options and is compatible with our Ranger wheeled shower chair for more convenient transfer options prior to and after bathing.

Oxford Ceiling Lifts

Joerns offer a range of portable, temporary and fixed overhead hoisting solutions that are suitable for the home. The Voyager Portable alongside the Easytrack FS gantry and Easytrack systems provide an excellent, non-permanent solution to overhead lifting. You don’t need to make any building alterations, and each system accommodates various room sizes and layouts.

The Oxford Elara fixed ceiling hoist and accompanying track options is a permanent solution to accommodate longer-term lifting and handling needs. You can configure full room coverage and single track systems to provide access to multiple areas of a room and even extend into more than one room. To ensure suitability and, most importantly, safety, conduct a detailed structural assessment before selecting a fixed track system.

Improving Quality of Life

With its domiciliary care equipment, Joerns Healthcare can enable people with mobility restrictions to live more independent and fulfilled lives. Alongside enhancing the quality of life for the person receiving care, our safe and reliable lifting solutions for the home help provide support and peace of mind for families and caregivers, too.

If you would like to find out about our home care equipment, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0344 811 1158 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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