Oxford will unveil the new Elevate hoist this winter, introducing class-leading weigh-scale dynamics into acute care and homecare settings. Delegates to the Moving & Handling People conference will get their first sight of the new hoist when it makes its debut at the Business Design Centre, Islington,on January 27th.

The lift is fitted with a Class III digital weigh scale which is integrated into the mast – a thoughtful design which keeps the hoist ‘active’ on the patient side, enabling carers to obtain a true measurement regardless of how and where the patient’s weight is being supported.
“It is a system which makes the weighing process easy for both patient and carer”, said Paul MacLean, Senior Engineer.

“It gives an accurate measurement each and every time and has a carer-facing digital read-out which can display the last measurement taken – particularly useful when watching for daily changes in a patient’s weight”.

Elevate – part of the Professional range – has a large number of other features including:

  • a large lift capacity of 200kgs (31st)
  • an easily adjustable kneepad
  • a removable foot tray and covera retractable safety belt
  • easy-clean components to help prevent cross-infection
  • the option of both a standing and a transport sling, providing the caregiver the option of performing various care duties including toileting, standing and point-to-point transfers

The Elevate is designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It is both compact and sturdy and has been designed with the 5 principles of safe moving and handling in mind:

  • Get close to the load
  • Use a wide stable base
  • Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
  • Keep spine close to neutral
  • Make sure movement is smooth