Integrating the Oxford Advance Lift: Uplifting Care Standards

The healthcare sector faces challenges in delivering exceptional care, balancing technology with the human touch. The Oxford Advance Professional lift serves as a vital tool, adeptly addressing primary lifting and handling concerns with finesse. Elevating patient care, this lift integrates robust safety protocols to ensure efficient and compassionate patient handling, meeting diverse care needs effectively.


The Landscape of Patient Care: A Brief Overview

The patient care environment harbors a wide range of challenges and risks that not only people but also assistive equipment must assess and mitigate to ease the journey of care for all parties.

  • Safety Concerns: Both caregivers and patients can be at risk during transfers, necessitating top-tier safety measures, a robust risk assessment policy and subsequently considered and carefully monitored care plan.
  • Varied Patient Profiles: A broad spectrum of patient needs creates a need for adaptable solutions that can handle multiple tasks and satisfy a variety of patient requirements.
  • Timely Action: In healthcare, efficiency is of the essence, assuming patient safety and well being are well catered for alongside. Every minute is crucial to ensure every patient receives the dedicated care and support they require.

The Oxford Advance Lift: Bridging the Gaps

Against this backdrop, how does the Oxford Advance help address these challenges and demands?

  • Unwavering Safety: The Advance has a number of safety mechanisms for emergency situations, such as manual emergency lower, emergency stop and sling retaining clips to avoid inadvertent detachment during use. In addition, the onboard, intelligent control system provides overload protection, lift cycle counter, countdown timer and reminder to schedule important service and maintenance inspections, helping to ensure your lift remains in tip-top condition for longer.
  • Versatility: The Advance caters to a wide spectrum of patient needs making it a truly flexible solution to patient lifting and transfers. Owing to its compact folding design, it is truly portable, enabling users at home to travel outside the confines of their own home. It also ensures the Advance can be stored with ease. A choice of sling attachment systems (loop or clip) enables compatibility with a wider choice of slings.
  • Efficiency: Even from its folded position, the Advance can be readied for use in less than a minute. Its lightweight aluminium design ensures ease of manoeuvrability and with ergonomic principles at the heart of its design, interaction points are readily accessible and intuitive to use.


How does the Oxford Advance ensure patient safety?
Safety is the bedrock of all Oxford products. Operational features stand guard against potential mishaps and can quickly be deployed in emergency situations. Find out more about its safety protocols here.

Is training required to operate the Oxford Advance Lift?
While the Advance lift is intuitively designed, a product training session can maximise its potential. Comprehensive guidelines are available in the user instruction manual and training options are available on the education section of our website. We can facilitate simple product overview training to more clinical level 3 moving and handling training, depending on your needs.

Can the Oxford Advance cater to patients of varied physical profiles?
Absolutely. A safe working load rating of 155kg (24st) means that despite its relative compact footprint and lightweight build, it can cater for the needs of many. A respectable lifting range and choice of sling options assures wide compatibility for a range of patient types, conditions, and demands. Find detailed specifications here.

Make the Transition: Choose Oxford Advance Today

Keen to elevate your patient care standards? The Oxford Advance mobile lift promises versatility and flexibility alongside Joerns’ unparalleled service. Begin your transformative journey in patient care by exploring its features here.


The Oxford Advance Professional lift embodies the union of technology, care and compassion. It performs equally well in most care settings, from acute facilities to home care. Embrace this evolution and start your own revolution in healthcare delivery.

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