Congratulations to Jim Collins, a Director of our Cambridgeshire-based dealers Garner Medical, who is the new World Champion at Pea Shooting.

A last-minute entrant, and using a borrowed peashooter, Jim’s exploits were featured in the Sun newspaper, and he also appeared on Radio 5 live, Talk Sport and two local breakfast shows doing a live re-enactment.

The championships were held as a part of the annual Witcham Village Fair which is held to raise funds for the local church hall. The fair was set up by local headmaster John Tyson 39 years ago, as a way of channelling his pupils mischievous tendency to fire their pea-shooters at school into something useful for the village.

Jim revealed his painstaking preparation for the event when he told Oxford Today: “I was given a pea shooter at the pub two days before the championships and told to enter, so I did.

“It was actually half of a friend’s one as it was too long for the competition so he cut it in half. Then I beat him in the final. He was not pleased!

“My peashooter was a budget version, but there were a number of laser-guided versions and some competitors used a rest to steady their aim (possibly because of the amount of beer that they had drunk). Needless to say, natural raw talent won the day”.

Well done, Jim. It just goes to show that form is temporary but class is permanent!