Joerns Donate Office Furniture To Charity

Summary. Joerns Healthcare, a premier patient handling equipment supplier, is refurbishing their office for safety amidst the pandemic. They’ve generously donated old furniture to charities like Wild Goose Rural Training and Acorns Children’s Hospice, supporting community well-being.


Joerns Healthcare are leading supplier of patient handling equipment. We strive to put the well-being of our staff at the forefront of the business. We are currently underway with an office refurbishment, with the aim to create a more effective, efficient and safe working environment for all. The situation of desks and other furniture is purposely designed to support social distancing and work ‘bubbles’. Therefore, protecting the continuation of business with minimal disruption.

Joerns also strives to help local charities. So we took the opportunity to donate all our old desks and drawers to two separate organisations. Firstly, a local Worcester based learning charity for adults with disabilities, Wild Goose Rural Training. As well as, our long-term charity partner, Acorns Children’s Hospice.

WGRT offer meaningful land-based activities and training to any individual or group of students in a relaxed, happy atmosphere. They believe in the therapeutic value of working with plants and animals, which has been shown to reduce stress, resulting in better physical and mental well-being for all.

Wild Goose Rural Training Converting Barn Into Classroom

Wild Goose Rural Training are converting a barn at the top of their site into a classroom. The work is well underway. This will be a brilliant new space that’s dry and warm for them to use and teach. In addition, with the donated desks from Joerns Healthcare, they are hoping this classroom will be up and running very soon – they also have enough furniture spare to kit out their new second classroom, due to be completed within the next few months!

To find out more about WGRT and for Acorns Children’s Hospice, visit their websites.

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