Selecting the most appropriate sling is crucial since it ensures a safe, dignified and comfortable patient transfer while reducing the risks associated with manual handling. The new Oxford Sling Selector has been designed specifically to assist clinicians and end-users select precisely the right sling option for patients. In making the selection this innovative online tool takes full account of patient specifics, task, transfer, safe working load and lift to be deployed.

Easy to use, the Sling Selector comes with an onscreen step-by-step guide. It provides detailed sling information, such as product movies and has an account history to track patient sling usage.

The Oxford Sling Selector will be of particular help to those clinicians less familiar with sling equipment such as junior or trainee occupational therapists, physiotherapists and back care advisors. It will leave them secure in the knowledge they can achieve exactly the transfer they desire and that the procedure will be executed in both a safe and effective manner. Using the tool is free, you simply need to create an account which takes a few minutes. Please visit