Joerns Proud to Support the NHS During Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the last few weeks, Joerns have been called upon by a number of NHS Trusts and community facilities to help support equipment needs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our company ethos of ‘People, passion, performance’ has certainly come to the forefront as we focus our efforts to support existing and new customers when they need it most.

We have already provided support in the form of significant product provision to several acute and community facilities including a number of new ‘field hospitals’ set up at stadiums and similar facilities across the UK. There has been a huge effort on behalf of everyone at Joerns from sales right through to supply chain and logistics, which continues as the country pulls together to fight this unprecedented battle.

Members of the Joerns sales have even volunteered themselves to assist in the delivery and commissioning of products to speed up their availability and ensure these facilities can provide the care their patients demand during this period. It really has been a tremendous effort which will continue for as long as we are called upon.

Supporting the NHS during the pandemicAside of product provision, we have been working to support customers in other ways including remote training resources such as video content and other documentation. A large influx of care volunteers, some of whom are untrained, have created a demand in this area. Social distancing measures make face-to-face training provision a real challenge but with our suite of resources, we have been able to address it in many areas. Visit for free and unrestricted access to product support content.

To date, Joerns have zero Coronavirus cases which is a credit to the measures we have implemented as a business. Strict social distancing is in force throughout the organization as well as remote working policies for office staff. As key workers, we understand our responsibilities and are taking no chances where the potential transmission and infection of Covid-19 is concerned. We continue to abide by government advice to ensure the safety of our workforce, supply chain, our customers and their families and friends.

A huge thank you from everyone at Joerns goes out to all NHS staff and frontline workers during this uncertain and challenging time.