Joerns Support Moving & Handling People Conference 2017

Celebrating its 21st year anniversary, the Moving & Handling People Conference was held at the Croydon Conference Centre in London, earlier this year. Joerns Healthcare continued their long-standing support for this event providing key products in workshops to assist the clinical leads in running tailored content and learning programmes for delegates.

Curtis Jordan, Marketing Manager comments “A change in venue brings inevitable logistical challenges but the DLF team did a great job in minimising any disruption and ensuring the event was a success. Delegates were in excellent spirits, prompting healthy and open debate and discussion across a variety of hot industry topics.”

Joerns had staff on hand throughout the conference to field questions and concerns from attendees and also to feed into discussions around best practice and product use. Curtis comments again “Events like this are invaluable for gaining insight into real world situations. Feedback gathered often feeds into the product development process, empowering Joerns to upgrade and launch products that really make a difference.”

Dates for next year’s conference are already in place and you can find out more by visiting