A new training course to enable key trainers and higher level clinicians keep up-to-date with best practice has been announced by Joerns Healthcare, the manufacturer of Oxford hoists.

The one day advanced course will not only update health care professionals on changes in legislation, guidelines and professional ‘best practise’ but also give participants the confidence to use and adapt their problem-solving skills.

Sessions will be available in several locations around the country with Oxford hosting the Midlands courses at its training centre in Stourbridge. Privately run courses will also be available.

“This is a higher level course for those working in a clinical environment who are responsible for Moving and Handling and have received up-to-date training at the level of ‘Key Trainer’ or above”, said Tom Bulpitt, UK Marketing Manager. “It’s a great opportunity to explore assessment tools, get to grips with balanced decision making and look at the practical application of the five basic principles of safer moving and handling”.

At the end of the course participants will:

  • Be updated on changes to legislation (and interpretation of legislation) and professional guidelines
  • Understand the legal definition of the term ‘balanced decision making’ and have explored the issues relevant to risk assessing
  • Have explored various risk assessment tools
  • Be able to use sound principles of safer moving and handling to carry out practical techniques of moving and handling of people
  • Be able to build on their problem-solving skills
  • Have the opportunity to use a range of small moving & handling equipment and hoisting equipment to meet individual people’s needs.

The new one day course is intended to supplement the already popular three-day training course, introducing the Principles and Practice of Moving and Handling.

For more information on this new training course, please visit our Education section.