Oxford Classic Mobile Hoists: Safer Care For Residents And Carers

Summary. Joerns Healthcare is one of the leading providers of patient lifting and handling equipment to the care continuum. Oxford classic mobile hoists are invaluable solutions when caring for someone, who does not have the necessary level of mobility and independence.


Some of the key tasks a hoist and sling combination can support with include:

  • Moving from a bed to a chair
  • Getting in and out of the bath
  • Toilet/commode transfers
  • Repositioning a patient

Furthermore, Oxford mobile hoists can cater for a range of moving and handling situations. In addition, they support the user to move over short distances, safely. Moreover, they also support care-givers, enabling them to care for and assist the patient in a safe and risk averse manner.

They are widely used in hospital wards, care and nursing homes as well as in an individual’s own homes. Patient lifts may be integrated as an essential part of someone’s care plan. Therefore, they can truly transform lives for the better, when used correctly.

Oxford mobile hoists have the inherent benefit of being transportable when compared to an overhead ceiling hoist. Therefore, moving them from room to room is straightforward. Oxford classic lifts can also be broken down into two parts by removing the mast from the base. This offers the option of onward transportation in vehicles, as well as more convenient storage.

oxford classic mobile hoist

Oxford Classic Mobile Hoists

Joerns Healthcare have more than 65 years of experience and expertise in the design and development of patient lifting equipment.

Furthermore, the Oxford Classic collection of mobile lifts is rich in features and ergonomics. Therefore, making them among the safest, most intuitive hoists on the market today. There are four models that belong to the Classic range, the Mini, Midi, Major and Maxi.

These four models are available in a mix of electric and hydraulically powered variants. As well as, electric and manual leg options. The range shares many common components and feature sets. Therefore, making them intuitive to use and easy to train with.

A choice of three different spreader bar widths help cater for a wider range of patient shapes and sizes. Additionally, a Class III rated digital scale option is perfect for precision patient monitoring.

Oxford Classic lifts come with:

  • The Smart Monitor control box as standard.
  • A diagnostic tool that records critical usage data including lift cycles completed.
  • A number of attempted overloads (in excess of the maximum safe working load).
  • A service reminder helping to ensure service routines are closely followed and the hoist remains in tip-top condition for longer.

Whether it’s for home care, nursing, or acute care settings, the Oxford Classic lift range will help you create a safer care environment for all.

classic mobile hoist

Mini 140 

The Mini 140 is a highly compact oxford mobile hoist, designed for use in small care homes and individual’s homes. Catering specifically for environments where space constraints are present. It is perfect for domestic care due to its small footprint, durability, and ease of manoeuvrability. The Mini has a maximum safe working load rating of 140kg (22st).

Midi 180

The Midi 180 is one of the UK’s best-selling lifts, offering incredible versatility. It is Perfect for use in care homes, nursing homes, and individual’s homes.

The hoist is equipped with all of the features you would expect.  Such as, a manual emergency lowering mechanism, for use in emergency situations. As well as, adjustable legs that allow carers to navigate around bulky furniture and other obstacles.

High grade castors combined, allows the lift to be moved around with ease. The Midi’s footprint is no larger than the Mini, but with a safe working load of 180kg (28st), it offers additional flexibility.

Major 200 

The Major 200 oxford mobile hoist is the perfect crossover product between nursing homes and acute care facilities, or simply where a higher lifting capacity is required. Its robust safe working load of 200kg (31st)  and good lift range ensures the lift works well in most care settings.

Maxi 180 

The Maxi 180 mobile lift is the tallest member of the Oxford Classic family. It has a safe working load of 180kg (28st) and an extensive lift range of up to 2 metres in height. Therefore, it is ideal for transfers to higher surfaces such as deep therapy mattresses. The Oxford Maxi’s footprint is equivalent to that of the Major.

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