A revolutionary ultra-compact, folding standaid with features never seen before in the care market has been unveiled by Oxford.

The Journey, described by the Midlands-based firm as a patient lift for the 21st century, is portable and can be easily stowed into a car allowing patient and carer greater freedom.

Three years in design and development, it incorporates a unique three-position cow-horn handle for the ultimate in flexibility and patient comfort – the only standaid on the market with this feature.

Part of the company’s Professional range and sister product to the market leading Advance lift, the Journey also incorporates:

  • Rapid folding feature for onward transport and storage
  • Compact design which is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
  • 155kgs/24stone safe working load
  • Quick transfer functionality
  • Rehabilitation mode

“The three-position handle makes it so much easier for patients of all sizes to be comfortably moved into a standing position”, said Oxford’s Managing Director of Commercial Operations Nathan McWattie.

“In fact the Journey has been designed throughout to offer high levels of safety and functionality for both the carer and patient. We have made it very simple to use with features that facilitate safe transfer practice.

“Also, its ability to fold away, and stand upright for storage, is exceptional”.

As with all Oxford Professional series lifts, the Journey has been designed withthe 5 principles of safe moving & handling in mind:

  1. Get close to the load
  2. Use a wide stable base
  3. Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
  4. Keep spine close to neutral
  5. Make sure movement is smooth

Details of the Oxford Journey can be found in the Products section.

Published: 6th February 2009