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Summary. We showcase the Oxford Major 200 hoist, exemplifying versatility in patient lifting for nursing and acute care settings. The hoist, part of a broader range of Joerns products, supports a 200kg lifting capacity, ensuring safety and adaptability in different care environments. With ergonomic design and safety features, it encapsulates Joerns’ commitment to enhancing patient care and caregiver protection.


Joerns Healthcare, the home of Oxford Hoist, proudly provides an extensive range of leading patient handling and rehabilitation solutions. They are in use by patients and caregivers all over the world. Our equipment helps enhance care and ensures the remobilisation and safety of patients is our utmost priority. Joerns’ products are also designed to protect care workers from injury, caused by manual lifting. Therefore, helping to minimise musculoskeletal strains and stresses that can lead to lost time (away from work) and added costs for care facilities.

When it comes to patient lifting equipment products, Joerns have an extensive range of lifts and slings to choose from. Our experience tells us that versatility is one of the most important factors looked for in a patient lifting device. With this in mind, we take pride in offering lifts and hoists that are adaptable to many different environments. One example is the Oxford Major 200.

The Oxford Major 200 Hoist

The Oxford Major 200 patient hoist is the perfect crossover product for nursing and acute care environments. It can be fitted with a choice of three spreader bar sizes. Consequently, offering comfort improvement for a wider range of patient shapes and sizes. The design of the hoist is to accommodate a variety of lifting situations with its 200kg (31st) lifting capacity. In addition, it has the compatibility with the full range of Oxford passive loop slings. Moreover, the hoist has a contoured boom to help support lifting from the floor, and an ergonomic push handle for easy manoeuvrability. Therefore, the Major copes with most lifting requirements and daily transfers.

Safety As Standard

Like other Oxford lifts, the Oxford Major 200 hoist is equipped with a suite of safety features. This ensures patients and carers are protected during use. An easily accessible emergency stop button is located on the control box at the rear of the hoist. This cuts all power to the lift and halts all lifting activity immediately when activated.

Furthermore, a manual emergency descent function on top of the actuator enables the lift’s boom to be lowered in the unlikely event of complete power failure. This twist and lower feature lowers the lift’s boom in a controlled manner. So, it avoids the possibility of a patient being left suspended and stranded in a sling.

A further feature is managed by the control box’s intelligent software. The system is designed to prevent lifting in excess of the maximum capacity. Therefore, protecting the hoist from loads it is not capable of lifting and helping to prevent avoidable accidents and injuries. The software records each attempt so that service engineers and other users can be alerted to possible misuse and arrange remedial training or guidance thereafter.

The control box also recognises when the lifts boom or spreader bar has met an obstruction and can no longer lower safely. In this event, the lowering action of the actuator is halted to avoid damage to the obstruction and/or lift, as well as injury to patient and/or caregiver.

Lastly, the control box also offers redundant control buttons that can be used independently of the handset, in the unlikely event of it failing. These controls can be used to raise and lower the lift as well as operate the powered legs (where fitted).

Easy To Train With

The Oxford Major 200 hoist is one of four mobile hoists within the Oxford Classic range, all of which share common components and features to ensure familiarity in use. With the core principles of moving and handling being at the heart of its design, the Major is ergonomically designed with intuitive interaction points that are readily accessible.

Easy To Service

The on board Smart Monitor control box provides a wealth of service related data at the touch of a button. No need to plug in a laptop, the data is immediately available via the LCD screen. The system records:

  • The number of lift cycles conducted,
  • Work completed by the actuator,
  • Attempted lift overloads (above the maximum safe working load)
  • A useful service countdown
  • Reminder to ensure your lift is serviced regularly and kept in optimum condition for longer.

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