Oxford Stature: A Vertical Patient Lift With Extensive Lifting Range

Summary. We offer patient lifting solutions like the Oxford Stature vertical hoist. With a high maximum working load of 227kgs/35st and versatile lifting options, the Stature is designed for various patient transfers, ensuring safety and comfort. Explore their extensive range for suitable equipment.


Joerns Healthcare is one of the world’s leading providers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. We have been supporting patients and caregivers all over the world for many years. Our leading solutions are used in hospitals, care homes, and residential settings. In addition, we have earned an enviable reputation for providing high quality and reliable patient lifting solutions that truly better the lives of users.

The home of Oxford Hoist, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable equipment from our extensive offer. Furthermore, the Oxford Stature vertical lift is one of our many patient handling solutions that offers certain benefits to users and carers, alike.

Oxford Stature Hoist

The Oxford Stature vertical patient lift addresses many needs of the modern care environment. With an extensive lifting range, the Stature is able to cope with some of the most demanding of patient handling requirements. For instance, it offers high performance and fantastic flexibility and reliability. Boasting a clinician-led intuitive design, it has a high maximum working load of 227kgs/35st. Moreover, its impressive lifting range makes light work of transfers to high nursing surfaces and lifts from the floor. It can also be used in combination with a stretcher.

Seamless Lifting and handling

The Oxford Stature’s versatility and robust design enables it to competently and confidently support a variety of transfers including:

  • Bed to chair transfers
  • Floor to bed transfers
  • Chair to bath transfers
  • Horizontal (Stretcher) transfers

With its interchangeable positioning cradle and spreader bar options, the user has access to a wider variety of slings to meet individual lifting and facility specific needs. The patented ‘Securi3’ attachment system used on Oxford clip style slings ensures no unwanted detachments occur during use. Therefore, providing high levels of safety for the patient. Once securing and comforting the patient, you can use the convenient hand pendant to raise or lower the user to the required height before continuing with the intended transfer.


The Oxford Stature Hoist can be fitted with an optional Class III rated inline digital weigh scale for precision patient weight monitoring. Additionally, the scale has a dual screen display for ease of reading and has no impact on lifting height or range.

The Stature operates powered leg positioning (open and close) via hand control. It features an angular leg design. This allows the lift to get closer to the patient, especially where obstacles such as large chairs, bulky commodes and wheelchairs are at play.

As with all Oxford products, particular attention to ergonomic principles is at the forefront of its design. A contoured push handle, optimally positioned on the mast makes for easy manoeuvring. A foot push pad on the rear of the base casting further assists the carer to trigger forward momentum when loaded. Consequently, helping avoid overexertion and possible injury. The design positions all control features, including a number of integrated safety systems, conveniently and ensures they are readily accessible at all times.

Patient Handling Equipment You Can Rely On

If you’re looking for a vertical lift, the Oxford Stature Hoist is a worthy contender. At Joerns Healthcare, we pride ourselves on working with only the best of the best. So, you can trust that anything purchased from us is sure to deliver the highest levels of support and care.

If you would like to find out more about the Oxford Stature Hoist, then head to our website today. Alternatively, call 0344 811 1158 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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