The Oxford Midi: Addressing Patient Transfer Challenges Head-On

For anyone in the healthcare field, patient comfort and safety are of utmost importance. The Oxford Midi is a beacon of excellence in this domain, offering a solution that tackles the many challenges of patient transfer. Let’s look into how the Oxford Midi is leading the narrative.

Navigating Patient Transfer Challenges

Patient transfers may appear trivial matters at times, but can be fraught with a myriad of challenges. From ensuring patient safety to limiting physical strain on the caregiver, there is demand for equipment that is holistic in approach.

Why Oxford Midi is the Gold Standard

The Oxford Midi is synonymous with patient handling, leading the field in home and post-acute care environments for decades.

  • Eliminating Fear of Falls:
    With its ergonomic design and host of safety features, the Oxford Midi reduces the risk of patient falls and injuries otherwise caused by manual lifting, a common concern during patient transfers.
  • Tackling Physical Strain:
    Caregivers are often under immense physical strain during transfer activity. The Oxford Midi’s ergonomic design features and simplicity in use, helps ensure minimum exertion.
  • Simplifying Complex Transfers:
    Whether it’s moving a patient from the floor to a bed or from chair to toilet/commode, the Oxford Midi’s versatility simplifies what can often be challenging tasks.


Features that Make a Difference

Beyond its basic functionality, several features make the Oxford Midi stand out.

  • Optional Spreader Bar Sizes:
    A choice of three sizes can help accommodate a wider range of patient sizes and provide more personalised sling application and comfort during use.
  • Smart Monitor Control System:
    Lift cycle counter, overload prevention and service reminder, alongside battery level indicator and on board lift controls help ensure your lift remains in tip-top condition for longer.
  • Space-Efficient:
    Its compact footprint prioritises space efficiency, making it apt for a range of environments from care and nursing facilities to home care settings.


FAQs: What Prospective Buyers Want to Know


What is the overall floor footprint of the Oxford Midi?
A very compact 122.5cm x 60cm – ideal when space comes at a premium.


Does the Oxford Midi have a lift counter?
Yes, the Midi, like other Oxford floor hoists, has a lift cycle counter with onboard readout. Unlike other systems on the market, Oxford’s method of counting a lift cycle is a full up and down movement of the spreader bar at maximum safe working load. Alternative products often count a lift cycle as a specified range of spreader bar travel at a nominal safe working load, essentially meaning they count more lift cycles for what is an equivalent amount of work completed by the lift actuator. This ensures Oxford lifts benefit from reduced ownership costs, particularly when considering costly actuator replacement schedules based on lift cycles completed.


What is the maximum safe working load of the Oxford Midi lift?
For such a compact lift, the Midi offers an impressive safe working load rating of 180kg / 397lbs / 28st.


In the realm of patient transfers, the Oxford Midi is not just a tool; it’s a transformative experience for both patients and caregivers. For those seeking to revolutionise patient care standards in their facilities, it’s a worthy investment.Delve deeper into its features and benefits on the Oxford Midi product page.

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