Portable Hoists: Travelling Outside the Confines of the Home

Sometimes people require help to move or transfer from one position to another. This can become especially difficult outside of the home and often presents further challenges. Manual lifting and handling can place a severe strain on the person assisting, whether friend, family or care professional. As well as placing the individual requiring assistance at extra risk. By choosing appropriate patient handling equipment, such as a portable hoist, and using it effectively, you can greatly reduce the risk of sustaining an injury. Often, the quality of life for a disabled individual is also noticeably better with accessibility of travel hoists.


What Is A Portable Hoist?

Portable hoists are an extremely important accessory for disabled individuals who have limited movement and desires to travel away from home. Portable hoists like the Oxford product range lift a person from one position to another safely. Furthermore, they ensure the person assisting that person does not in turn hurt themselves.

Ultimately, the aim of using portable equipment is to reduce the risk of injury to the lowest level possible and to improve the patient’s standard of living. This is especially important when travelling outside the confines of the home. Additionally, a portable hoist helps maintain a level of independence both inside and outside the home.


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Choosing The Right Portable Hoist

As always, choosing the right equipment is imperative for safe moving and handling. Therefore it is important to carry out a manual handling assessment every time. It is essential that as well as meeting the transfer needs, the equipment works effectively in the environment in which it is to be used, and the person assisting knows how to use it.

Oxford Travel Hoists are designed to be portable, which means they can be safely packed up or folded making travelling with the equipment easier. Travel Hoists include the Oxford Advance folding hoist, Oxford Voyager Portable Track Hoist and Easy Track FS Gantry system. In fact, the Oxford Journey stand-aid and Advance hoist will fit into the back of an average family saloon. Or, can simply be stored away in a closet or cupboard when not required. What’s more, at Joerns we have a wide range of slings to support a variety of transfer requirements including:


  • Divided leg slings
  • Hammock slings
  • Toileting/access/independence slings
  • Amputee slings
  • Walking/dressing slings


Contact Us Today To Order Your Travel Hoists

When people with disabilities travel away from home, they need a vast number of accessories, including a portable hoist, in order to travel comfortably. At Joerns we have the experience and product range to meet a variety of needs and challenges and can talk you through the buying process. Call us today at +44 (0)1905 842 211 to discuss your requirements.

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