Portable Overhead Lifting Solutions: Oxford Voyager Portable & Easytrack

Summary. Joerns Healthcare introduces the Voyager Portable Overhead Hoist, a lightweight yet robust solution that pairs seamlessly with the Oxford Easytrack systems. These overhead hoist track systems provide versatile mobility solutions suitable for various settings. For the ultimate in portable overhead hoist technology, the Voyager Portable is your top pick!


Joerns Healthcare is one of the country’s leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. We have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying such equipment for decades. Consequently, we have vast experience and a heightened understanding of what patients need. We commit ourselves to providing solutions that offer the highest levels of support for patients and caregivers alike. Through utilising our equipment, those who have reduced or limited mobility are able to move around more effectively, enhancing their quality of life. We have a wide range of patient handling solutions. Many we design to work alongside each other to provide a safe and comfortable experience for the user. A leading example is the Voyager Portable Overhead Hoist that works in conjunction with the Oxford Easytrack or Easytrack FS track systems. Therefore, offering an overhead lifting solution compatible with many different environments.

Oxford Voyager PortableVoyager Portable overhead Lift

The Oxford Voyager Overhead Hoist is among the lightest portable lifts available on the market today. With an easy-to-grip handle, you can easily carry the unit and conveniently set it down anywhere. Although very lightweight, the portable hoist can accommodate user weights as high as 200kg/440lbs/31st.

With its ability to be used in combination with a host of portable tracking systems, the Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist has a wide range of applications.

Emergency Situations

Equipped for ease of use without compromising safety, it has a quick release lift tape that enables the hoist to be deployed very quickly. This is particularly useful when an emergency situation arises. Comparable products without this feature take much longer to be readied for use. This is because the tape would otherwise need to be wound out using the lift’s handset.

For added safety, a soft-start stop ensures no sudden movements during lifting occur which could be disconcerting for the patient. An emergency stop and lower feature, along with tape twist prevention, ensures an alternate method of lowering a patient in the event of a time-sensitive and safety critical situation.

Operational & Available At All Times

It’s essential that in care environments, a lift can be operated and made available at all times. This product can do just that. It has two sets of on-board controls either side of the lift. In addition it has the hand control pendant. Therefore, there is always a backup control in place to ensure transfers may continue safely. This is particularly helpful in the unlikely event that a set of controls were to fail. Additionally, there is a removable battery pack. This ensures that by having a spare battery available and on charge, the Voyager Portable is always available when you need it most. A low battery indicator alerts the user for the need to charge the battery. After that, it is ejected using a quick-release button on the lift cabinet.

The Oxford Voyager Portable, alongside the Easytrack system is the perfect portable overhead lifting package. With such a wide variety of configurations, it is suitable for the home, hospital, and care home environments. Whether it’s a short-term solution, a lack of space, or for emergency use, this tried and trusted solution is an excellent choice. For full specifications, you can read the brochure.

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Easy Track Systems

overhead hoist track systems

The Easytrack systems are unique temporary/semi-permanent overhead tracking systems designed for use with the Oxford Voyager Portable hoist. Both Easytrack and the Easytrack FS are easy to assemble in a matter of minutes, requiring no permanent fixings or structural alterations. This functionality ensures this suite of products is ideal for clients residing in rental accommodation, where there is no permit for structural changes. They are easy to transport and store away. In addition, they have a safe working load of 200kg/440lbs/31st to match the Voyager Portable motor.

The Easytrack FS (Free Standing) is an overhead gantry track system, similar to the original system. However, it does not rely on support or bracing from a ceiling. As a result, any potential structural concerns or false ceilings are not preventative to use.

overhead hoist track systemsAn extending top rail ensures a transfer span of almost 3m is possible, comfortably supporting bed to chair or bed to commode transfers within a room. The spring-loaded, upright posts can also be extended. Helping to improve obstacle and furniture clearance and support transfers on to a variety of surface types and heights.

A further benefit of the voyager lift system and a direct result of its simple and intuitive design, is that installers do not require the complex knowledge necessary to specify and install fixed lift systems.

For further product and technical information, please see the respective user guides here:

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