Project Description

  • Arise 1000EX Therapeutic Surface
  • Arise 1000EX inset Therapeutic Surface
  • Arise 1000EX Therapeutic Surface

Expandable therapy system providing pressure relief by combining low air loss with pulsation

Designed specifically for use in conjunction with the Joerns Bari10A bed frame.

Suitable for the treatment of pressure ulcers (Stage I to Stage IV), this product is specifically designed to compliment the unique features of the Joerns Bari10A bed frame and its capability to extend and contract in both width and length.

  • Sixteen (eight paired) 6.5″ (165mm) deep therapy cells evenly distribute patient weight, prevent ‘bottoming out’ and maximise pressure relief
  • Control panel offers independent inflation and deflation of side bolsters when used in combination with the Joerns Bari10A bed frame
  • Length inflation and deflation from 2032mm to 2235mm
  • Integrated CairRails risk management system addresses patient falls and entrapment
  • Integrated 75mm lower therapy cell provides support in the event of a power failure
  • Three-zone system for head, seat and foot
  • Anti-microbial, low shear and low friction nylon therapy pad

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