Project Description

  • Bar10A bed frame
  • Bar10A controls
  • Bar10A Angle Indicator
  • Bar10A patient helper
  • Bar10A Comfort Chair

Heavy-duty bed frame with high levels of safety and comfort

The Bari10A bed is specifically designed to address bariatric patient handling and dignity.

Its design allows for independent head and knee movement, up/down adjustments and gravity assist re-positioning while ensuring optimal clinical outcomes for your patient. An integrated scale enables easy patient weight monitoring.

  • Reduce the frame width and length without tools allowing easy transfer through hallways and doors
  • Easy to operate, integrated weigh-scale allows patients to be weighed while in bed
  • Attractive, non-bariatric style bed panels in a soft tone frame colour
  • Ergonomically designed backlit staff controls provide care givers with function lockouts and peace of mind

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