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  • BariMatt 1000 Plus Therapeutic Surface
  • BariMatt 1000 Plus Therapeutic Surface
  • BariMatt 1000 Plus instructions
  • BariMatt removable bolsters

Expandable bariatric foam mattress

Designed specifically for use in conjunction with the Bari10A bed frame.

The side expansion panels conveniently zip on and off to provide six individual configurations to meet the needs of all bariatric clients. This flexibility can contribute to reduced costs whilst ensuring positive clinical outcomes.

  • Available in three width configurations: 36″, 42″ and 48″ and two length configurations: 80″ and 88″
  • Convenient transport mode (36″ W x 80″ L) allows the mattress size to be adjusted to easily navigate through standard doorways and lifts while the patient is on the mattress
  • Mattress relief cuts allow the surface to articulate with the bed frame for enhanced comfort
  • Fabric mattress surround is designed to neatly fit together without gaps, providing patients with a comfortable, safe healing environment
  • One inch visco-elastic foam topper envelopes the patient for optimal comfort
  • Top cover has screened illustrations allowing care givers to quickly set up the mattress

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