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A true heavy-weight contender!

The Oxford Calibre is an ergonomically designed patient lift for the safe lifting of bariatric patients. Sturdy and robust, it has an unrivalled safe working load  for a mobile lift and can meet the unique demands of bariatric care.

  • Safe working load 385kg / 60st / 850lbs
  • Integrated Class III digital weigh-scale for patient monitoring
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Large 6-point cradle provides improved comfort for larger clients
  • Powered leg positioning for excellent access around furniture
  • Twin pivoted front castors offer good manoeuvrability
  • Integrated safety system to help protect patients
  • Specialist range of bariatric slings available

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Specification Imperial Metric
Safe Working Load 850 Ibs 385 kgs
Maximum Overall Length 64.0 inches 1625 mm
Minimum Overall Length 67.0 inches 1700 mm
Maximum Overall Height 88.5 inches 2250 mm
Minimum Overall Height 62.5 inches 1590 mm
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 76.0 inches 1930 mm
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 29.8 inches 755 mm
Height at Maximum Reach 67.5 inches 1710 mm
Reach at Maximum Height 28.0 inches 710 mm
Reach at Minimum Height 26.0 inches 660 mm
Maximum Reach 37.0 inches 940 mm
Turning Radius 76.5 inches 1940 mm
Legs Open – External Width 55.3 inches 1400 mm
Legs Open – Internal Width 49.0 inches 1245 mm
Legs Closed – External Width 33.3 inches 845 mm
Legs Closed – Internal Width 26.8 inches 680 mm
Overall Height of Legs 4.8 inches 115 mm
Ground Clearance 0.6 inches 15 mm
Front Twin Castors 4.0 inches 100 mm
Rear Braked Castors 4.0 inches 100 mm
Weight Imperial Metric
Mast, Base & Boom Assembly (including 6-point cradle) 240 Ibs 109 kgs
Power Pack 6.6 Ibs 3 kgs
Total 246.6 Ibs 112 kgs
6-point Cradle 20 Ibs 9 kgs

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