Maxi 180

Outstanding Performance And Lift Range

With a maximum lift height from the floor of almost two metres, the Oxford Maxi 180 can lift patients onto almost any acute or nursing surface. Remarkably, the Oxford Classic Lift maintains a relatively compact frame (equivalent to the Oxford Major). Therefore, it allows the hoist to be manoeuvred and stored with relative ease.

Main Features Of The Oxford Maxi 180:

  • Safe working load 180kg / 28st / 397lbs
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Foot pedal leg opening mechanism with latch/lock functionality
  • Choice of three spreader bar sizes
  • Detachable battery pack and desktop charger
  • Optional Class III digital weigh-scale
  • High-grade castors for easy manoeuvrability
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SpecificationMaxi 180
Safe Working Load180kg / 28st / 397Ibs
Length1315 mm
Maximum Overall Height2150 mm
Minimum Overall Height1560 mm
Maximum Spreader Bar Height1970 mm
Minimum Spreader Bar Height780 mm
Spreader Bar Height at Maximum Reach1420 mm
Spreader Bar Reach at Maximum Height550 mm
Spreader Bar Reach at Minimum Height540 mm
Maximum Reach730 mm
Turning Radius1310 mm
Legs Open – External Width1230 mm
Legs Open – Internal Width1140 mm
Legs Closed – External Width660 mm
Legs Closed – Internal Width580 mm
Overall Height of Legs100 mm
Ground Clearance15 mm
Front Twin Castors75 mm
Rear Braked Castors100 mm
Mast & Boom Assembly24 kg
Base Assembly19 kg
Total43 kg

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