Project Description

  • Maxi 180 Oxford Classic Lifts
  • Classic Scale Oxford Classic Lifts
  • Emergency Descent Oxford Classic Lifts
  • Hand Control Oxford Classic Lifts
  • Midi 180 in use Oxford Classic Lifts

Outstanding performance and lift range

With a maximum lift height from the floor of almost two metres, the Oxford Maxi can lift patients onto almost any acute or nursing surface. Remarkably, it maintains a relatively compact frame (equivalent to the Oxford Major), allowing the hoist to be manoeuvred and stored with relative ease.
  • Safe working load 180kg / 28st / 397lbs
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Foot pedal leg opening mechanism with latch/lock functionality
  • Choice of three spreader bar sizes
  • Detachable battery pack and desktop charger
  • Optional Class III digital weigh-scale
  • High-grade castors for easy manoeuvrability

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