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Oxford Advance

Passive Lifts

Compact and Incredibly Capable

The Oxford Advance folding mobile Patient Lift is one of the most functional and stylish in its class today. It suits home care and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is simply not available.

The compact hoist is able to reach closer to furniture thanks to its well constructed legs. It can assist with overcoming many challenges as it adapts well to a number of locations, whether it’s in use to transfer patients from the floor, a low bed, a wheelchair, or a toilet. It will also fit into the trunk of the majority of family saloon automobiles, making it ideal for carrying on vacations or day trips.

Main Oxford Advance Features:

  • Safe working load 155kg / 24st / 342lbs
  • Compact triangular folding design for easy transport and storage
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Angled leg design ensures excellent access around furniture
  • Integrated safety system to help protect patients
  • Downloads
  • More Information
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Safe Working Load341 lbs155 kgs
Maximum Overall Length51.0 inches1300 mm
Minimum Overall Length49.0 inches1250 mm
Maximum Overall Height73.0 inches1860 mm
Minimum Overall Height53.5 inches1360 mm
Height (Folded)17.1 inches450 mm
Depth (Folded)46.4 inches1180 mm
Width21.6 inches550 mm
Spreader Bar - Maximum Height66.5 inches1690 mm
Spreader Bar - Minimum Height (usable)15.3 inches390 mm
Height at Maximum Reach46.0 inches1170 mm
Reach at Maximum Height25.6 inches650 mm
Reach at Minimum Height13.7 inches350 mm
Maximum Reach (Centre of spreader bar to front of the mast)32.8 inches835 mm
Turning Radius55.9 inches1420 mm
Legs Open - External Width42.5 inches1080 mm
Legs Open - Internal Width39.3 inches1000 mm
Legs Closed - External Width26.3 inches670 mm
Legs Closed - Internal Width22.4 inches570 mm
Overall Height of Legs4.5 inches115mm
Ground Clearance1.1 inches30 mm
Front Twin Castors3.0 inches75 mm
Rear Braked Castors3.9 inches100 mm
Mast, Base & Boom Assembly63.1 Ibs28.9 kgs
Power Pack6.6 Ibs3.0 kgs
Total69.7 Ibs31.7 kgs
Base Assembly32.8 Ibs14.9 kgs
Mast & Boom Assembly30.9 Ibs14.0 kgs

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