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Oxford Ascend

Active Stand-Aids

Nimble, High Capacity Stand-Aid

With an excellent range of movement, the Oxford Ascend Professional Patient Lift can transfer a patient from a low-seated position to fully standing with ease. Its active style is designed to encourage user participation, promoting independence and well-being. The Oxford Ascend stand-aid excels in seamlessly elevating patient care, offering a versatile range that supports effortless transitions from seated to standing positions. Its innovative design emphasises safety making the Oxford Ascend an essential tool for modern healthcare settings.

Main Oxford Ascend Features:

  • Safe working load 200kg / 31st / 440Ibs
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Powered leg positioning for excellent access around furniture
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Removable foot tray for walking/rehabilitation activity
  • Integrated safety system to help protect patients
  • Height adjustable knee pad
  • Downloads
  • More Information
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Specification Imperial Metric
Safe Working Load 440 Ibs 200 kgs
Maximum Overall Length 43.3 inches 1100 mm
Minimum Overall Length 39.3 inches 1000 mm
Maximum Overall Height 67.3 inches 1710 mm
Minimum Overall Height 42.1 inches 1070 mm
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 65.5 inches 1665 mm
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 38.9 inches 990 mm
Turning Radius 51.9 inches 1320 mm
Legs Open – External Width 39.1 inches 995 mm
Legs Open – Internal Width 34.8 inches 885 mm
Legs Closed – External Width 24.8 inches 630 mm
Legs Closed – Internal Width 20.0 inches 510 mm
Overall Height of Legs 4.7 inches 120 mm
Ground Clearance 1.4 inches 35 mm
Front Twin Castors 4.0 inches 100 mm
Rear Braked Castors 4.0 inches 100 mm
Weight Imperial Metric
Mast, Base & Boom Assembly 97 Ibs 44.0 kgs
Power Pack 6.6 Ibs 3.0 kgs
Total 103.6 Ibs 47.0 kgs
Base Assembly 42.9 Ibs 19.5 kgs
Mast & Boom Assembly 45.1 Ibs 20.5 kgs

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