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Oxford Deluxe Standing Disposable

Active Slings

Enabling Assisted Standing and Transfers

The Oxford Deluxe Standing Disposable Sling is an easy-fit sling suitable for standing and supporting. It is not a general-purpose sling and clients should be assessed as to their suitability. It will not suit double amputees or lifting from a horizontal position. Moreover, in the interests of avoiding cross-infection, this sling is specifically designed for single patient use only.

Main Features of the Oxford Deluxe Standing Disposable Sling:

  • Fully padded design offers excellent comfort
  • Coloured attachment loops promote correct positioning
  • Non-slip back section ensures the sling does not ‘ride up’
  • Adjustable waist strap for added support and security

This single-use sling is perfect for healthcare settings where infection control is a priority. Its design caters to the needs of patients who require assistance with standing and transfers, providing a secure and comfortable experience. Furthermore, the fully padded construction minimises pressure points, enhancing patient comfort during use. The adjustable waist strap and non-slip back section ensure the sling stays securely in place, offering both patients and caregivers peace of mind. Moreover, customisable options are available to meet specific patient needs, making the Oxford Deluxe Standing Disposable Sling a versatile and essential tool in patient handling. Its robust design ensures reliability and safety, making it a preferred choice for healthcare providers.

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Specification Part No. SWL
S SL13525N 200kg
M SL13526N 200kg
L SL13527N 200kg

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