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Oxford Deluxe Standing with Clips

Active Slings

Supporting Assisted Standing and Transfers

Joerns Healthcare’s Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling with Clips is an active sling designed for use with compatible stand aid products that require clip attachment. This sling, designed to support standing, transfers and rehabilitation, is based on the loop version of the same sling. Its use must be carefully considered as it demands a contribution of effort and good cognitive ability on behalf of the patient to ensure safe use. A comprehensive patient assessment before application is strongly advised to ensure suitability.

Our Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling with Clips also promotes patient confidence during transfers and rehabilitation activities. The fully padded design ensures that comfort is prioritised, reducing the risk of pressure points and discomfort. This is particularly important during extended use, as it helps in maintaining patient dignity and motivation. Additionally, the adjustable waist strap provides enhanced support and security, giving both the caregiver and the patient peace of mind. The customisable options available ensure that the sling can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient, offering a bespoke solution for various patient handling requirements.

Main Features of the Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling with Clips:

  • Fully padded design offers excellent comfort
  • Patented Securi3 clip attachment points ensure no inadvertent detachment
  • Non-slip back section helps ensure the active sling does not ‘ride up’
  • Adjustable waist strap for added support and security
  • Woven labels offer increased longevity and legibility of safety critical information
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Can be customised to fulfil patient specific needs

A Device Suited for Varied Needs

For rehabilitation therapists:
Each patient is unique, and this sling acknowledges that. The flexibility of the Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling allows for customisation, fulfilling individual patient requirements. It is also available in a choice of sizes to ensure optimum fit and function.

For healthcare facility managers:
Ensure the best for your staff and patients. The safety features, combined with durability, promise longevity and value for money. The woven labels increase the clarity and longevity of safety-critical information, ensuring your staff always have the correct advice and guidance at their fingertips.

Why Opt for Joerns?

Healthcare professionals and caregivers alike trust Joerns Healthcare because our experience means we understand your challenges. Our aim is to make patient care safer, more efficient, and more comfortable.


How comfortable is the Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling?
Thanks to its fully padded design, this standing support sling offers excellent levels of comfort, ensuring patients are at ease and therapists can be confident in its use.

Is the Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling easy to adjust?
Absolutely! It features an adjustable waist strap for added support and security, ensuring it fits a range of patients securely. A choice of clip positions ensures optimum patient positioning for ease of standing and transfer using an active stand aid such as the Oxford Up.

Elevate Your Patient Care Experience

Joerns Healthcare is here to assist. Connect with our team of experts to understand more or to make a purchase. Trust Joerns to uplift your care standards – enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency, one product at a time!

Contact Us Now at 0344 8111158 (UK) / +44 1905 842 211 (International) to discover how the Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling can transform your patient handling experience.
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Specification Part No. SWL
S SL3162 200kg
M SL3163 200kg
L SL3164 200kg

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