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Oxford Easytrack

Portable Solutions

Unique Floor-To-Ceiling Overhead Track System

The Easytrack system is a unique, temporary/semi-permanent, portable track system designed for the Oxford Voyager Portable overhead hoist. It requires no permanent fixings, no structural alterations and can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes by just one person.

Main Features of the Easytrack Hoist System:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Substantial safe working load of 200kg / 31st
  • Lightweight components
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 post options with a variety of configurations
  • Downloads
  • More Information
Easytrack 2-Post User Guide View
Easytrack 3-Post User Guide View
Easytrack 4-Post User Guide View
Wall Mount Adapter User Guide View
Bath Adapter User Guide View
Ceiling Lifts Brochure View
Specification Easytrack 2 Post Easytrack 3 Post Easytrack 4 Post
Safe Working Load 200kg / 441Ibs / 31st 200kg / 441Ibs / 31st 200kg / 441Ibs / 31st
Ceiling Height Range 2,130 – 2,745mm (84 – 108”) 2,130 – 2,745mm (84 – 108”) 2,130 – 2,745mm (84 – 108”)
Rail Length Range 1,900 – 3,160mm (74 – 124.5”) 1,900 – 3,160mm (74 – 124.5”) 3,000mm (118”)
Rail Weight (each) 12kg (26Ibs) 12kg (26Ibs) 9kg (20Ibs)
Post Weight (each) 4kg (9Ibs) 4kg (9Ibs) 4kg (9Ibs)
Total Weight 20kg (44Ibs) 42.5kg (94Ibs)20kg 57kg (125Ibs)
Standard Kit
Wall Bracket Option -
Bath Bracket Option -
Multi-Wall Bracket Option

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