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Oxford Easytrack

Portable Solutions

Unique Floor-To-Ceiling Overhead Track System

The Easytrack system is a unique, temporary/semi-permanent, portable track system designed for the Oxford Voyager Portable overhead hoist. It requires no permanent fixings, no structural alterations and can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes by just one person.

Main Features of the Easytrack Hoist System:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Substantial safe working load of 200kg / 31st
  • Lightweight components
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 post options with a variety of configurations
  • Downloads
  • More Information
Easytrack 2-Post User Guide View
Easytrack 3-Post User Guide View
Easytrack 4-Post User Guide View
Wall Mount Adapter User Guide View
Bath Adapter User Guide View
Ceiling Lifts Brochure View
SpecificationEasytrack 2 PostEasytrack 3 PostEasytrack 4 Post
Safe Working Load200kg / 441Ibs / 31st200kg / 441Ibs / 31st200kg / 441Ibs / 31st
Ceiling Height Range2,130 – 2,745mm (84 – 108”)2,130 – 2,745mm (84 – 108”)2,130 – 2,745mm (84 – 108”)
Rail Length Range1,900 – 3,160mm (74 – 124.5”)1,900 – 3,160mm (74 – 124.5”)3,000mm (118”)
Rail Weight (each)12kg (26Ibs)12kg (26Ibs)9kg (20Ibs)
Post Weight (each)4kg (9Ibs)4kg (9Ibs)4kg (9Ibs)
Total Weight20kg (44Ibs)42.5kg (94Ibs)20kg57kg (125Ibs)
Standard Kit
Wall Bracket Option-
Bath Bracket Option-
Multi-Wall Bracket Option

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