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Oxford Full Back Disposable

Passive Slings

Fully Supportive Single Patient Use Sling

The Oxford Full Back Disposable sling is a contoured sling, designed to fit the majority of patients. This Oxford Sling offers excellent full body support and the correct size will fit snugly and gives full protection for patients who go into extension or have involuntary movements or behavioural issues. In the interests of avoiding cross-infection, this sling is designed for single patient use.

Main Features of the Oxford Full Back Disposable Sling:

  • Integrated, boned head support and leg padding as standard
  • Colour coded binding indicates sling size
  • Positioning handles allow patient repositioning
  • Coloured attachment loops promote correct/safe positioning
  • Modesty loop helps protect patient dignity during transfer
  • Downloads
  • More Information
Full Back Disposable Sling Brochure View
Full Back Disposable Sling User Manual View
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Specification Part No. SWL
XS SL25620 227kg
S SL25621 227kg
M SL25622 227kg
L SL25623 227kg
XL SL25624 227kg

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