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Oxford MultiFit Reflex

Passive Slings

Your Reliable, Multi-function Sling Solution

Joerns Healthcare is proud to present the Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling, a targeted passive sling solution. This product is uniquely designed with extensor style shoulder loops, making it perfect for patients with limited seat control or those susceptible to mild to moderate involuntary movement. The MultiFit Reflex sling offers a beneficial blend of patient comfort and caregiver efficiency.

Unmatched Features of the Oxford MultiFit Reflex Sling:

The Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling is characterised by its array of thoughtful features. This passive sling is crafted with integrated low-friction nylon in the spine and leg sections, easing the fitting process and mitigating some of the risks related to tissue viability and shear.

Notable features include:

  • Integrated head support for enhanced patient comfort and safety.
  • Colour-coded binding to help distinguish sling size.
  • Positioning handles for easy patient repositioning.
  • Coloured attachment loops for promoting correct and safe positioning.
  • Modesty loop to protect patient dignity during transfer.
  • Customisable features to meet specific patient needs.
  • Woven labels to ensure longevity and legibility of critical safety information.

A Leading Choice in Passive Slings: The Oxford MultiFit Reflex Sling

When dealing with clients who are prone to involuntary movement or extension, the sling emerges as a dependable solution. This sling, designed with extensor loops, adapts itself to your patients’ movement, ensuring high levels of comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling?
The sling is ideal for clients who have a lack of seat control or are prone to mild to moderate involuntary movement.

What makes the Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling unique?
The sling is unique due to its extensor style shoulder loops. The single shoulder loop ensures no accidental imbalance at the shoulders when fitted and importantly, provides automatic adjustment of position for patients with involuntary movement and/or behavioural issues.

Is the Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling comfortable?
Absolutely! The sling features an integrated, padded head support, padded leg sections, low-friction nylon, and a modesty loop to ensure patient comfort and dignity.

Trust Joerns Healthcare for High-Quality Patient Slings

Joerns Healthcare is a name synonymous with high-quality patient handling and rehabilitation products. Our Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling embodies our commitment to patient safety, comfort, and dignity. Whatever your overriding need, you can trust our products to meet and exceed your expectations.

To find out more about the Oxford MultiFit Reflex sling or to make a purchase, get in touch with us today.
At Joerns Healthcare, we believe in empowering caregivers and improving patient quality of life with our leading solutions.
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Specification Size Part No. SWL
1 XS SL1701 227kg
2 XS SL1702 227kg
3 S SL1703 227kg
4 S SL1704 227kg
5 M SL1705 227kg
6 M SL1706 227kg
7 M SL1707 227kg
8 M SL1708 227kg
9 L SL1709 227kg
10 L SL1710 227kg
11 XL SL1711 284kg
12 XL SL1712 284kg

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