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Oxford Standing Harness

Passive Slings

Versatile Solution for Walking and Rehabilitation

The Oxford Standing Harness is a versatile sling designed to assist with standing, walking or toileting. It is not a general-purpose sling and requires the patient to be able to partially weight-bear. It is often used in combination with an Overhead Lift for rehabilitation purposes.

Main Features of the Oxford Standing Harness:

  • Colour coded binding indicates sling size
  • Coloured attachment loops promote correct/safe positioning
  • Padded body and harness straps for comfort
  • Fully adjustable belt and straps to meet patient needs
  • Downloads
  • More Information
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Sling Guide View
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Specification Part No. SWL
XS SL26600 227kg
S SL26601 227kg
M SL26602 227kg
L SL26603 227kg

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