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Oxford Stretcher Adjustment Cradle

For Use with the Oxford Canvas Stretcher

The Oxford Stretcher Adjustment Cradle is designed for use on Oxford Presence and Oxford Stature lifts in combination with the Oxford Canvas Stretcher. It allows precise horizontal balancing and re-balancing of a patient by shifting the centre of gravity either left or right.

Main Features of the Oxford Canvas Stretcher Adjustment Cradle:

  • Safe working load when fitted with the Oxford Canvas Stretcher: 227kg (500Ibs)
  • Adjustment can be made by operating either the left or right hand levelling handles
  • Balance can be adjusted using one hand

Joerns Healthcare

Joerns Healthcare are leading suppliers of patient handling and rehabilitation equipment. We guarantee to provide the finest equipment possible based on the years of knowledge we have under our belt. Additionally, we aim to improve the health and safety of the products, the caregivers who use our devices, and the patients themselves.

We intentionally create our products for use in both acute and residential care settings and accommodate a range of mobility requirements. Along with the lifts themselves, we also provide a selection of auxiliary tools and extras. The designs meet patient needs while boosting product performance and safety. Several accessories that bring further usefulness and convenience are available for passive lifts like the Oxford Presence or Stature.

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Oxford Stretcher Adjustment Cradle User Manual View
Specification Imperial Metric
Safe Working Load 500 Ibs 227 kg
Operating Temperature 5ºC to 40ºC
Storage Temperature 5ºC to 40ºC
Relative Humidity 10% to 95%

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