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Oxford Voyager Portable

Portable Solutions

Your Dependable Overhead Lifting Solution

Joerns Healthcare proudly presents the Oxford Voyager Portable lift, an industry-leading portable overhead hoist tailored for a myriad of care environments including homes, care homes, and hospitals. Whether your requirements are emergent, temporary, or if a fixed ceiling hoist is not the perfect fit, the Voyager Portable accompanied by its superior track systems offers an impeccable patient lifting solution.

Key features of the Oxford Voyager Portable lift include:

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 200kg/31st
  • Folding sling attachment arms for easy storage and transportation
  • Quick-release carabiner type clip for easy attachment to the rail system
  • Integrated carry handle for effortless transfer to other locations
  • User-friendly corded handset
  • On-board emergency controls (Up/down) that function independently of the handset
  • Audible low battery indicator to avoid unexpected power failure during operation
  • Soft start and stop functionality ensuring safe and comfortable patient transfer
  • Emergency stop and manual emergency lower functions for optimum patient safety
  • Internal emergency brake to mitigate the risk of any unlikely mechanical failure
  • Strap twist prevention to enhance user convenience and safety

A Versatile and Portable Patient Handling Solution

The Oxford Voyager Portable hoist, alongside the Easytrack systems, combine to form a leading portable overhead lifting solution for the home, care home and hospital environments. Whether an emergency, temporary or semi-permanent need, or just that a fixed ceiling lifter is not suitable, the Voyager Portable and accompanying track systems are an excellent option.

Commitment to Excellence in Patient Handling with the Oxford Voyager Portable Lift

At Joerns, our core focus is to offer products that significantly enhance patient handling and quality of life. The Oxford Voyager Portable lifting system is a testament to this commitment, encapsulating safety, comfort, and usability in patient handling and rehabilitation products.

To learn more about how the Oxford Voyager Portable lift can improve your patient handling experience, or to make a purchase, contact us today. Trust Joerns Healthcare for your patient lift needs – elevating safety, comfort, and independence, one lift at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight capacity of the Oxford Voyager Portable lift?
The lift can safely lift and transfer patients weighing up to 200kg/31st.

How portable is the Oxford Voyager Portable lift?
The lift has been designed with portability in mind. It features folding sling attachment arms and an integrated carry handle for easy storage and transportation.

Can the Oxford Voyager Portable lift be used in care homes?
Yes, the lift has been designed for a variety of environments, including home care, care homes, and hospital settings.

Where can I purchase the Oxford Voyager Portable lift?
The Oxford Voyager Portable lift can be purchased directly from authorised Joerns Healthcare dealers and distributors. Contact us for more information or use our dealer locator tool to find your nearest provider.

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Specification Voyager Portable
Safe Working Load 200kg / 440Ibs / 31st
Lift Dimensions ( W x D x H) 628mm x 177mm x 261mm
Lift Dimensions (Folded) (W x D x H) 398mm x 177mm x 261mm
Lift Tape Length 2,200mm / 88”
Lifting Speed 4.3cm/s / 1.7”/s
Lifts Per Charge Up to 30 (80kg / 176lb Load)
Batteries 2 x 2.3Ah
Charge Time 2 - 4 Hours
Maximum Noise Level 54dBA
Operating Temperature +5ºC - +40ºC
Weight (Inc. Batteries) 6.5kg / 14.3lb

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