P.R.O. Matt Plus

A powered or non-powered mattress replacement system

When used with the optional control unit, the mattress provides a powered immersion or alternating pressure therapy, allowing facilities to use one mattress for both pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

Non-Powered P.R.O Technology

In the non-powered mode, the P.R.O Matt Plus’ internal combination air/foam cells are zoned and designed to reproduce the surface pressure profile of a therapeutic low air loss mattress. Cells automatically re-inflate in each air zone (Shoulder, torso and foot) without the need for care-giver intervention or the use of a pump. Available with raised side walls, aiding in both patient security and fall prevention.

  • Four-zoned (head, shoulder, torso and foot) inner air core system automatically adjusts to a patient’s body profile and weight
  • P.R.O. Technology valve maintains optimal air pressures in each therapy zone for superior pressure redistribution
  • 25mm viscoelastic topper enhances pressure redistribution and patient comfort
  • Optional raised perimeter available
  • Surrounding firm perimeter provides stability during patient care and contributes to patient safety by eliminating gaps between frames and side rails
  • Therapy pad with unique features: Fluid and stain resistant, low friction and shear surface with zippered construction
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