Oxford Bathing Lifts

Trusted Solutions for Bath and Poolside Locations

Joerns Healthcare is proud to supply Oxford bathing lifts. Our range of bathing lifts are safe, convenient, and comfortable and designed for use in a multitude of environments. This includes care homes, hospitals, hospices, rehabilitation centres, leisure centres, and any establishment in need of high-quality patient handling solutions. Our products are designed to offer a seamless bathing experience. We cater to your patients and loved ones in residential care, assisted living, or nursing homes.


Oxford Bathing Lifts: Supporting Patients For Over Sixty Years

The Oxford brand, a division of Joerns Healthcare, has been a leader in patient handling and rehabilitation products for over 65 years. Our bathing lifts provide a unique blend of comfort, safety, and ease of use, helping institutions across the UK ensure a safe, secure and dignified bathing experience for their clients.

You can install and use Oxford Bathing lifts in various settings to accommodate a range of needs. They support conventional bathing, showering, and hygiene routines, as well as swimming pool and quayside access.

Broad Range of Options

Poolside lifts and their bath-side models to cater to different settings.

Wheeled shower chairs for seamless transfers and convenience.

Electric and hydraulic bath lift variants for added versatility.

The Mermaid bath hoist comes complete with a range of floor fixing options to suit most bathroom configurations.

The Dipper pool hoist is compatible with the Oxford passive sling range for seamless integration

Choose Oxford, Choose Quality

At Joerns Healthcare, we understand that providing quality care is your top priority. By choosing Oxford lifts, you choose a partner committed to making your job easier and enhancing the well-being of those in your care.

Contact us today to learn more about our Oxford patient bathing lifts and other patient handling solutions. We’re ready to help you make an informed decision that best suits your setting and clientele’s needs.

Rediscover why Oxford is a leading name in patient handling products. Secure, versatile, and user-friendly, our bathing lifts can help solve specific needs of your facility. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Oxford bathing lifts different?
Designers focus on safety, convenience, and comfort when creating Oxford bathing lifts. They are incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of settings. With options for poolside and bath-side models, as well as electric bathing lifts and hydraulic bathing lift variants, we offer products tailored to your needs.

How easy is it to operate an Oxford bathing lift?
Our bathing lifts are designed for easy operation, with intuitive controls that allow carers to focus on providing excellent care rather than grappling with complicated equipment. This emphasis on ease of use helps make the bathing experience safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.

Can I use Oxford bathing lifts in a commercial setting?
Yes, Oxford bathing lifts are designed for a range of commercial settings, including rehabilitation centres, spas, gyms, and hotels. They are reliable solutions that can enhance your facility’s accessibility and comfort, supporting conformance with national regulations including the Equality Act 2010.

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