Oxford Classic Lifts

One of the leading, most comprehensive lift offers available today

As an acclaimed Oxford Classic Lifts Supplier, Joerns excels in providing top-tier mobility solutions. As the manufacturer of Oxford Classic Lifts, we pride ourselves on engineering devices that set industry benchmarks. Our role as a leading Oxford classic hoist manufacturer ensures that every product delivers unparalleled safety, comfort, and efficiency. Tailored to fit a broad spectrum of patient mobility requirements, our lifts embody innovation and reliability. Trust in Joerns for your patient handling needs – where excellence in manufacturing meets the art of caregiving.

One of the leading, most comprehensive lift offers available today:

Comprising four core models with electric and hydraulically powered variants and electric leg options.

Whether for homecare, nursing or acute care settings, Joerns has a Classic lift to meet your needs. From compact hoists through to more heavy-duty models, this range share many common components and features ensuring ease of maintenance, intuitive use and simplicity in training.

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