Oxford Professional Lifts

Mastering Mobilisation with Precision and Care

Explore our extensive range of active stand aids and passive mobile lifts. Each product is purposely designed to support diverse patient mobility needs, ensuring both safety and comfort at all times. If you’re aiming to enhance patient experiences or streamline caregiver tasks, trust in the reliability of Oxford Professional Lifts. For tailored recommendations and queries, our team of experts is just a call away. We want to be your Oxford professional lift supplier!

Why Choose Oxford Patient Lifts?

Patient Mobility Solutions
Safe, reliable, and efficient patient handling equipment is essential in every healthcare establishment. It lies at the heart of providing quality care. Designed with ergonomic principles, Oxford Professional Lifts aim to enhance caregiver productivity. We prioritise patient safety and comfort. The innovation, unique features, and functionality of these lifts ensure versatility. They are perfectly tailored to meet the demanding dynamics of healthcare settings.

Spotlight on Features

  • Exceptional Versatility:
    Our lifting solutions support rehabilitation therapists in enhancing patient mobility and assist home caregivers in achieving greater independence for their loved ones. These solutions integrate seamlessly, tackling a wide array of moving and handling challenges actively.
  • Outstanding Performance:
    Prioritising safety and efficacy, our lifts ensure a smooth and secure patient transfer experience. The Smart Monitor control system and associated feature set further supports safe use and longevity of product.
  • Ergonomically Designed:
    Developed with both caregivers and patients in mind, our lifts reduce strain and optimise comfort through a number of carefully considered and placed interaction points.

Elevate the standard of patient handling in your care setting with Oxford Professional Lifts. Painstakingly crafted with careful attention to ergonomic principles, we offer a range of active stand aids and passive mobile lifts that epitomise both performance and adaptability. Our lifts, engineered for both residential and acute care environments, deliver unparalleled efficiency actively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What environments are Oxford Professional Lifts suitable for?
From nursing homes to acute care hospitals and home care settings, the professional range caters to a myriad of care environments.


How do Oxford lifts enhance caregiver productivity?
Designed with ergonomic principles in mind, Oxford lifts help reduce caregiver efforts during lifting and transfers, reducing injury risks and keeping staff healthy and in work.


Can these lifts be customised for specific patient needs?
Many Professional Series lifts can be. As a Oxford professional lift manufacturer, Our range includes options to satisfy additional patient requirements. Ensuring optimum comfort, safety and ongoing monitoring. A myriad of sling options including a custom service can meet multiple transfer requirements, and optional weigh scale and positioning cradles increase functionality over and above standard specifications.


Where can I get more information or make a purchase?
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