Joerns Healthcare Serve All Patient Handling Sectors, From Home Care Through To Acute And Post-Acute Care Facilities

Joerns Healthcare serve the entire healthcare continuum from home care through to acute and post-acute care facilities

Whether you’re a community nurse, a carer, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, a moving and handling advisor, training coordinator; regardless of your responsibilities or environment, we can support you in simplifying the delivery of better care for your patients.

homecare patient handling


Homecare categorises the care and support delivered by professional caregivers in a person’s own home and may also be referred to as domiciliary care or social care. It covers a range of activities, paramedical aid and assistance by nurses to support daily living for unwell, disabled or elderly people. Patients who receive care at home […]

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patient handling sectors

Post-Acute Care

What Is Post Acute Care? After a stay in hospital, many patients require further care and support. This may take place at home or in a care home or nursing facility. Post-acute care covers a range of services designed to aid a patient in their recovery from injury or in the management of illness or […]

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Acute Care Patient Handling

Acute Care

What Is Acute Care? Acute care falls under secondary healthcare, the stage after primary care (where a patient instigates initial contact with a medical practitioner). It involves the provision of urgent care or treatment, by various health care professionals who specialise in a range of medical and surgical expertise. It generally covers short-term treatment and […]

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