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Homecare categorises the patient handling, care and support delivered by professional caregivers in a person’s own home. Also referred to as domiciliary care or social care, it covers a range of activities. For instance, paramedical aid and assistance by nurses supports daily living for the unwell, disabled or elderly people.

Patients who receive care at home may incur lower costs. In addition, they’ll receive equivalent care to other facilities  but will benefit from the increased satisfaction of being in familiar surroundings. Furthermore, in some cases, palliative care can be provided in the comfort of a person’s home.


Community nurses assist patients with daily living. This includes common tasks such as bathing, toileting, and eating, for which a range of assistive products are available.

A community nurse’s responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring a patient’s vital signs,
  • Carrying out physician instructions,
  • Taking blood,
  • Documentation of any assistance provided
  • An overview of a person’s health.

Updates will be communicated to the patient’s family and/or physician to facilitate further, on-going discussion regarding continued care.

Leading Patient Handling Solutions for the Homecare Sector

Joerns Healthcare are a leading provider in assistive solutions for the homecare sector. We work with a number of organisations to enable safe and effective care in the community. We offer a range of patient handling products purposely designed to assist in the transfer and rehabilitation of patients with varying conditions and abilities. View our products or get in touch if you would like to find out how Joerns can help you simplify the provision of care.

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