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Understanding Post-Acute Care

When transitioning from hospital care, many patients require continued support, be it at home or in specialised facilities such as care homes or nursing institutions. Post-acute care encompasses a broad spectrum of services tailored to assist patients on their journey towards recovery from injuries or in the management of long-term illnesses and/or disabilities. These services often serve as a bridge between hospitalisation and home, focusing on rehabilitation, management, and, when necessary, palliative services.

Why Choose Our Post-Acute Care Equipment?

Our dedication goes beyond merely supplying equipment. We understand the transformative impact of post-acute care and are committed to ensuring that our equipment resonates with that importance.

1. Superior Patient Outcomes:
Our post-acute care solutions are meticulously designed to foster faster healing, alleviate pain and discomfort, and boost mobility.

2. Regain Independence:
We supply hoists for care homes alongside other mobility aids, empowering patients to reclaim their independence and confidence in daily living.

3. Safety Above All:
Our nursing home care equipment minimises risks, offering peace of mind to both caregivers and patients. Whether you’re considering nursing home ceiling lifts or other care home lifting equipment, safety is our number one priority.

4. Elevate Quality of Life:
With our care home medical equipment, managing health conditions becomes less daunting, allowing patients to lead more fulfilling lives.

5. Cost-Efficient Care:
Equip patients with tools and knowledge that prevent frequent readmissions, translating to savings for both healthcare providers and patients.

Joerns: Leading the Charge in Post-Acute Care Solutions

At Joerns, we pride ourselves on crafting patient handling solutions that resonate with the real-world needs of post-acute care.

From nursing home floor lifts to state-of-the-art ceiling lifts, our products aim to maximise comfort and safety, whilst ensuring caregivers also remain protected from potential injury.


How does care home equipment enhance post-acute care?
Healthcare equipment tailored for home care aids in quicker recovery, reduces the chances of readmissions, and provides essential support during the rehabilitation process with a view to empowering independence.

Which lifts are best for care homes?
The best lifts for care homes depend on the specific needs. Our offer includes ceiling lifts, floor lifts, stand aids and other specialised lifting equipment designed for a wide range post-acute care scenarios.

Is there a recommended number of hoists for my care home?
Joerns can help establish a recommended number of hoists based on resident numbers and bed occupancy. We have a Hoist Identification Tool that can help calculate this for you to ensure you are providing the best possible care.

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